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These are the best home remedies to get rid of nasal congestion


Changes in temperature between seasons, and in the same season are becoming more common. Hence, more and more people catch a cold and have as one of its symptoms nasal congestion. There are always home remedies to try to eliminate it, and above all, eliminate that annoying sensation that we can have in the nose due to the mucous buildup.

Do you want to know what home remedies will help you get rid of nasal congestion? Then you are in the right article for your nasal and oral health.

It happens that at the time of going out, we can sometimes go barefoot, or directly the gaps without clothes such as neck and wrists end up suffering, and from there to the body.

Our immune system You can feel damaged or weakened by many issues, but even if we feel strong, we can fall into nasal congestion.

Is there a remedy for nasal congestion?

The process of congestion is the concentrated accumulation of mucous in one of our most used parts of the body, the nose.

What’s wrong with her? Well, the membrane that covers it is swollen due to the inflammation of the blood vessels.

nasal congestion home remedy mucous nose health
Learn about the best home remedies for nasal congestion and improve the health of your nose

And in that inflammation we can have difficulty smelling, breathing through the nose and sometimes pronouncing certain words.

It’s obviously a strange feeling, of course, because it sometimes makes us runny nose and we don’t sound with the same tone of voice as always.

Do not worry if it happens to you, it is something totally common and current. The important thing is to know that there are home remedies to end it and they are very simple to do.

Home remedies to get rid of nasal congestion

What kind of Natural medicine can relieve our nose and everything that has to do with the congestion process? Well, take note and recover your usual sense of smell:

  • Using a humidifier is a good idea, because with it you will have the opportunity to moisten your nostrils
  • Then we have the possibility of taking long and hot showers, where you will also feel that you are healthy
  • If we breathe the steam from a pot of warm water, we will also see how the congestion is released and we reduce the inflammation of the blood vessels.
  • To drink water with salt is another homemade solution that can help you get rid of all the mucus

If this list of home remedies It has not been completely effective for you, you can use menthol and eucalyptus, which are great congestion releasers.

The inhalation of natural eucalyptus can be a new opportunity for our nose, as long as we take into account the temperature of the vapor.

Keeping your head elevated while you sleep and eating some type of spicy food, such as garlic, can also help decongest your nose.

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