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These are the benefits of YouTube Premium that you get, not just ad-free

Gadgetren – When you open the YouTube start page, you may often see offers for subscribe to YouTube Premium.

Even while watching videos, it’s not uncommon for YouTube Premium offers to appear for 3 months for only IDR 5,000 for new users.

Of course by carrying the Premium label, there will be benefits that you will get when using the same service sponsored by Google this. But what?

YouTube Premium perks

1. No More Ads

Ads are already a part of the viewing experience on YouTube. However, the number of advertisements served on each video is now increasing and the duration is sometimes longer than usual.

The presence of advertisements for some people is of course very annoying. Fortunately, through the YouTube Premium service, you can watch all kinds of videos without any annoying ads.

No longer need to wait for the ad to finish or press the Skip Ads button which hinders the running of the video. Even YouTube Premium viewers are more profitable for creators because they receive greater revenue.

2. Playing Videos and Music in Background

YouTube Premium also provides a feature that many mobile users have requested, namely playing videos in the background. That way the YouTube application can be hidden so that you can open other applications without interruption while still being able to listen to the video being played.

Suitable for those of you who might want to listen to podcasts on the road or listen to music via YouTube where videos don’t need to be watched all the time. YouTube can also continue to play even when the screen is rested so that it will save more battery. So you don’t need to use tricks anymore to be able to do it.

3. Includes YouTube Music Premium

Speaking of music, subscribing to YouTube Premium will also give you access to the YouTube Music Premium service, which contains millions of songs to play at any time without ads. There is also an Audio Only mode to just listen to music without needing to display anything else.

4. Support Picture-in-Picture Feature

The Picture-in-Picture (PiP) feature allows YouTube to appear as a small floating window when opening other applications so videos can be watched continuously without taking up too much space so they don’t get in the way of your main activity.

Unlike the split screen which divides the screen into two for different applications, with this Picture-in-Picture feature other applications will still appear in full while YouTube will only appear as a small floating window whose location and size can be adjusted at will.

The Picture-in-Picture feature is actually available for free in the United States, but for other regions you need to subscribe to YouTube Premium to be able to use it.

5. Can Download To Play Offline

Currently, YouTube already provides a Download feature so that videos and music can be watched again without having to always be connected to the internet. But by subscribing to YouTube Premium, the function of this feature is further expanded.

You can store all kinds of videos and music available on YouTube for up to 30 days. There’s even a Smart Download feature available which will download recommended content automatically so there’s no need to press the Download button manually

6. Afterparty dan Live Chat

YouTube Premium also provides a means for artists and their fans to interact with each other via video or live chat. Likewise, accessing archived live streams can be viewed specifically by those of you who subscribe to YouTube Premium. However, this feature depends on how the artist or content creator uses it.

Some of the benefits that you get when subscribing to YouTube Premium will be very useful for those who always watch it every day, especially about without ads. YouTube will continue to develop and provide new features to make this service even more attractive.

The subscription fee itself in Indonesia reaches IDR 59,000 per month, IDR 99,000 per month for family packages (up to 5 people), and IDR 34,990 per month for students. Then you can cancel your subscription whenever you want via the Membership page.

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