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These are the 7 great unknown benefits of nuts


The nuts They keep the best kept secret of food. And it is that our health is governed based on the lifestyle that we maintain. The physical exercise Along with rest, it is essential, but it is no less important to know that there are foods that have a special impact on our body, such as nuts. Do you know everything there is to know about them?

They keep the nuts infinity of nutritional benefits from which we can benefit at any time, at any time and with any type of supplementary food.

Because it is not a substitute, far from it, for dried fruit over other types of meals or foods that we have for breakfast or dinner.

It happens that nuts are that jewel in the crown of the rich and balanced diet that we must maintain and prolong for the sake of our blood pressure.

But did you know all the things that nuts have to contribute not only to our blood circulationbut also to the health of our heart or our own digestion?

What 5 benefits do nuts have for our health?

Nuts are an insatiable source of vegetal protein and monounsaturated acids widely known as Omega 3, and their effects are more than positive.

dried fruit benefit organism body health fiber intestinal flora
Find out what are the best reasons to include nuts in your rich and healthy diet

because they go from organ to organ taking care of our entire system, so that the fruits are, perhaps, one of the best foods that we can consume today. Take a look at its benefits:

  1. take care of the health of your heart
  2. They strengthen your bones and your muscle mass
  3. Boosts nutrients for your skin and hair
  4. They are, on the other hand, strong antioxidants for our cell production
  5. They are an inexhaustible source of energy and healthy fats

Do you now realize everything that nuts have to tell us? Well wait, because there is more. The Vitamin E and selenium help us prevent degenerative diseases.

And then nuts are great producers of collagen and elastin, so our dermatology will greatly benefit.

Save, on the other hand, great anti-inflammatory capacity dried fruits for our body. And it is that they provide minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium.

The importance of eating pistachio for your memory

On the other hand, nuts like hazelnuts and nuts help you directly to improve your nervous system, but there is one that is out of the ordinary, and that is the pistachio.

And it is that the pistachio directly helps the hormone balancepromoting brain health and improving mood, beyond optimizing cognitive processes of learning and memory.

To close this endless list of compliments to nuts, it is convenient to mention the contribution of phosphorus and magnesium from nuts. Yet another reason to take care of our brain health.

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