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These are the 5 foods that improve your blood circulation


Experts warn that we must take care of our blood circulation, so that blood circulation takes care of us. And for this we must eat well. Because if we fail to take care of the Health of our bloodour blood vessels will pay with a Bad circulation which could result in future cardiovascular diseases.

And we don’t want that, do we? For that we have to have a lifestyle in which we have a good feeding and the physical exercise.

There are foods that help activate especially the blood vesselswhich are the ones that transport the blood of the heart to the rest of our organism.

Not only that. In addition to blood flow, the circulatory system is in charge of moving oxygen, nutrients and hormones at cells and delete the carbon dioxide.

What symptoms can we have if we have poor blood circulation?

If we see that we do not have a blood circulation fit as we should, our body will give us different warnings in the form of symptom:

  • Fatigue
  • Edema
  • dizziness
  • Headache
  • cold hands and feet
  • Pain in the legs and muscle cramps
  • heartbeat cardiac irregular
  • Hair loss and dryness skin
  • Numbness or tingling in parts of the body

As you can see, there are not a few problems that can come from a blood poorly maintained, so we must do everything in our power to take this seriously.

Because these situations can be aggravated, leading to different ailments at the cardiovascular that may be worrying in the future.

Usually the problems circulatory What do they have to do with him? heart They are usually grouped into two different categories, summarized here:

  1. Congenitalif they are from birth
  2. Acquired, if they developed at some point in our lives
To take care of our blood circulation, we have to find a balance between the foods of a balanced diet and physical exercise

The Ultimate Foods for Good Blood Circulation

It’s time to find out what are the foods that best suit the blood of our organism. And they are very accessible when it comes to being able to find them in any Supermarket.

As is the case with oily fish, such as mackerel or salmon, or tuna itself, which is a rich source of Omega 3so the options have chronic diseases they are minors

9 healthy foods loaded with omega-3 to lower blood triglycerides
9 healthy foods loaded with omega-3 to lower blood triglycerides

The second may be green tea, which has properties antioxidantsso that we can reduce the inflammation of our body and strengthen our immune system.

In third place we can find walnuts and almonds, dried fruits rich in vitamins and in minerals such as the calcium and the magnesium.

At this point the onion, which is a food with low energy content and has proteins, potassium and vitamin Camong other properties.

Closing the list is garlic, which contains allicin and is one of the great enhancers in that sense of its own Blood flow of our organism.

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