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These are the 5 best physical exercises for back pain


The back pains they are too common at times to ignore. The health of our back is vital, not only at the bone level, but also at the muscular level. Hence we need to find different physical exercises or stretching that help us relieve the sensation of pain and other types of more specific ailments.

Do you know them all? There is crowd of workouts that help you cope with the pain of some ailments, and directly and completely alleviate the symptoms of another.

Be that as it may, why are you wearing a sedentary lifeyour work forces you to stand or sit for too many hours, or move instinctively, here you will learn to strengthen your back.

Because it is important to always keep alive the flexibility of all the muscles, and that includes the back, which is one of the great engines of our system.

Don’t worry if you don’t have time, or don’t usually go to the gym. We will offer you internships that will be at your fingertips and that you can do at home, if necessary.

What physical exercises can I do for back pain?

Normally, the concentration of different back problems tends to focus on the lower back, although it is not the only part of the back that can be affected.

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Learn the best exercises to relieve your back pain and improve the health of your lower back

Thus, this area needs special care by a professional to help you, but if you want to save time, we leave you here healthy workouts and postures:

  1. child’s posture
  2. The posture of the cat
  3. lumbar twist exercise
  4. the famous bridge
  5. Pelvic and lumbar flexibility exercise

Don’t worry if you don’t know them all, here we are to explain them. in yoga, child’s posture It is well known and widely practiced.

You should gently stretch the muscles of the lower backand hold for 30 seconds with your arms forward as far as possible.

That of the cat can be more intuitive: on all fours, you must form an arch with your back and keep your back curved for a few seconds.

Surely you have also seen at some point the physical exercise of lumbar torsion, a vital stretch for lower back and glutes, where you will have to have a T shape and turn your knees to the side.

What exercise can I do to strengthen the spine?

Another of the most successful stretches in the lower back is the rotation of the spine, where you will have to sit with your back to the ground with your legs bent and a ball.

Take your arms and move the ball to one side or the other. This movement should not be abrupt so as not to damage your spine.

The moment you reach one side, stop, turn around and continue to the other side. You will gain firmness and relieve your back.

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