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The perfect Ikea bathroom set to decorate your home with a Nordic style


You can give your bathroom a touch of Nordic style through this fantastic bathroom set for sale at Ikea. It includes several essentials for an organization that will eliminate any clutter and help keep everything cleaner.

To have a really tidy and clean bathroom, it is essential to have a soap dish that helps us to be able to place the soap once we have used it. And not all soap dishes work perfectly, since some of them have walls that are too high, complicating their use, and others have walls that are too low, causing the soap to melt and be lost.

For this very reason, the bathroom set that Ikea has for sale for very little is more than perfect. This set includes three different accessories so there is no excuse when it comes to maintaining order around the bathroom faucet. Everything you need for it you have here. And all for very little money.

What does the Ikea bathroom set include?

With very high ratings on its website tab, this bathroom set from Ikea is the ultimate solution. It brings with it three different elements, each one with a different use and some, even, with more than one use, making it perfect in a different field.

Nordic bathroom set from Ikea
Nordic bathroom set from Ikea

Therefore, this is a set that comes with a soap dish, a liquid gel dispenser and a goblet glass where you can put the family’s toothbrushes to rest. Not bad for such a low price.

But that’s not all, since the same Ikea store offers us the possibility of using the soap dish for a different use. If we have liquid soap at home and we are only going to use the dispenser in the bathroom, we can give the soap dish a different use. This accessory can be used to place different small objects that have a tendency to get lost. A perfect extra use for the most clueless.

with recycled plastic

inside everyone the commitments that Ikea has acquired with the planet, we find that it is increasingly using a certain amount of recycled plastic in its products. In this way, the Swedish chain of stores helps and does its bit to reuse plastics, giving them a second life.

Materials are polypropylene plastic with a minimum of 20% recycled material from the container or soap tray. On the other hand, the soap dispenser pump has polyethylene plastic and polypropylene plastic with, also, 20% recycled material. This bathroom decoration set from Ikea It is, therefore, useful, beautiful and respectful of the environment in equal parts.

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