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The OCU warns that this is the last month to eat this fruit optimally


Well into the month of April, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) Find out which is the month in which you can eat various fruits in the best way, since it is considered that within the fruit calendar, its time has passed. The health of our body is significantly improved by the consumption of foods as healthy as fruits, and it is convenient to eat them in their time and form.

That is why from the OCU They have set out to launch a calendar that sheds light on all the possible fruits that exist in supermarkets.

Do not hesitate and see if the one you want to eat tonight is in season or out of it, because as you know, in spring as many come in as they come out.

And with good weather, another type of fruit arrives that we can also see, in the relationship of the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), which have different properties.

In what 3 phases does the OCU classify fruits?

It is time to know how the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) diversifies each and every one of the fruits that supermarkets include, whether they are less or more exotic.

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There are several fruits that will end the season and others will start in May, according to the OCU

And the OCU divides into 3 well-differentiated phases the ability of the different fruits to be in fashion or in time to take it, rather. Or if you are out of your usual almanac.

Thus, the Organization of Consumers and Users goes one by one starting with the avocado, and ending with the grape, in strict alphabetical order, to learn about the 3 key steps:

  1. Harvest season and best time of consumption
  2. Early harvest season
  3. And finally, late harvest season

To find out if it is the right time to eat a fruit, you just have to go to the OCU calendar and see what color or what number each food corresponds to.

What fruits will go out of style in April?

And it is that in the case of April, or rather, already May, because it will be the month in which several fruits considered for optimal consumption cease to be, there are several fruits in contention.

Such as avocado, marked in early or late harvest season. Foods such as plum, tangerine, peach or nectarine are added to this fruit.

Do you have any of those at home? So we are not telling you that they will not be good or healthy in May, but that their time is already passing.

The same thing happens with papaya and pineapple, two other fruits that are rich in vitamins and proteins, and that are also entering the final stretch of their good time.

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