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The new Lidl design mixer that you can buy for less than 20 euros


You can’t miss the opportunity to take your small appliances up a notch by adding this mixer to your kitchen that Lidl is now putting up for sale at a very low price and that, moreover, will look beautiful on your furniture.

Confectionery is an art that must be carried out well to achieve absolute success. But we don’t always have that much time to dedicate to it and it is true that some steps in the kitchen generally require a number of minutes that can make the difference between any dish and one of category.

When we talk about kneading to get some spectacular cupcakes or a cake to take off our hats, the key is usually in the kneading time. As doing this is really tedious by hand, sometimes even being impossible, we can get hold of the kneading mixer that Lidl offers us and thus surprise our loved ones with some ten sweets.

Features of the Lidl mixer

With a power of 300 W, more than enough for the work you have to do, this small appliance from Lidl It will be able to facilitate in an unspeakable way any work that has to do with giving movement to masses before being baked.

This is the beautiful blender from Lidl
This is the beautiful blender from Lidl

In this sense, we can also say that utility is not at odds with beauty, since we can find this blender model in three different colours: white, lilac and green. So you have several options to suit your kitchen decor. Not all mixers on the market can say the same.

To finish with the technical sheet we cannot leave aside that it comes with two pairs of rods, one of the pairs being for beating and the other for kneading. But the benefits do not end there, and that is that it includes a very practical function that makes this Lidl mixer something really comfortable to use: its ejector button. Thanks to this technology, we will not have to exert force to change the rods.

Uses of the mixer

We have previously commented that confectionery is one of the main dishes that the blender can help us make, but it is not the only one, of course. Everything that is related to knead will be easy to do thanks to this small appliance. In this way, we can knead bread, pizza dough, focaccia and everything that comes to mind.

Of course, keep in mind that this Lidl mixer has a continuous use limit of 10 minutes. But don’t worry, since those ten minutes are more than enough to get the dough you’re looking for, although if you need to knead longer you can simply let the appliance rest for a few minutes and go back to charging.

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