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The Mercadona beauty product that drives Dulceida crazy


One of the products from the Mercadona cosmetics range has almost sold out in the store and Dulceida is partly to blame for this situation, as she herself admits in her publication in the stories of her Instagram profile that she has recently published.

It is true that when we find a product that we like, it gives us the feeling that it may run out at any time. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a beauty product, food or even cleaning. What does matter is that sometimes we cannot imagine a life without that particular product. It has happened to all of us that we have discovered something that solves a big problem for us and ends up disappearing from the usual catalog.

In this sense, Mercadona does not usually offer problems because it always has, as a general rule, a good stock of its products. On the other hand, there are times that they run out as soon as you leave, and the quality and reliability of the cosmetics of this supermarket chain is well-known at a national level. AND Dulceida does not hide who is a big fan of this type of beauty and aesthetic products.

Mercadona Cinnamon lip liner

One of the strengths of the liner that has driven Dulceida crazy is, without a doubt, the variety of styles that it can mark thanks to its tone. The cinnamon color, in particular, helps to enhance, in combination with another slightly lighter color, the makeup of the lips in a very attractive way.

Dulceida has swept away this Mercadona lip liner
Dulceida has swept away this Mercadona lip liner

The reason why the influencer has chosen this product from Mercadona to the point of almost exhausting it in the store is because of what was mentioned above and because it also stands out a lot in terms of quality. And not everything is there, of course, we must also take into account that the price is really low compared to many other cosmetic products of this style in other brands.

Other colors of this liner

Likewise, we must also take into account that we can not only buy this liner in this specific cinnamon color that captures so much Dulceida’s attention. The cinnamon color is number 6 in the range, being the last of it.

Therefore, the other colors that we can find of the Mercadona lip liner they are Nude, Marsala, Caldera, Raspberry and Strawberry. This entire range is presented in warm colors that, in combination with the right lipstick, make a perfect tandem.

Luckily, there is still stock of this product in any of its variants. You have the option of buying it both in the store and through the online service, although for this last method Mercadona has to have the service available in your area.

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