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The Meaning of the Green Circle that Now Appears on WhatsApp’s WA Profile

The Gadget – WhatsApp is a service that has a very large user base. In Indonesia itself, it has even become the main medium for communication for some people.

To provide a better user experience, the Facebook-owned short message-based social media platform is constantly innovating. They are always trying to provide support and new features through updates.

Not infrequently these new features become one that we are quite looking forward to. Although sometimes it’s actually just copying from other social media services such as stories that were pioneered by Snapchat.

The latest update distributed by WhatsApp is also the same. Those of you who have updated the short message service application must have realized that it looks a little different than before.

On the chat page (Chats), we will now see a green circle framing some WhatsApp profile photos. What is the meaning and function? Here’s an explanation for those of you who are still curious about it.

Meaning of Green Circle on WhatsApp Profile

Similar to the features found on the Instagram service, the green circle that appears on a number of WhatsApp profile photos serves as a marker that the related account has an active status or story.

That way, we will be able to immediately know if the people we often chat with through the WhatsApp application have a new story. This is of course more practical because we don’t need to enter tabs Status again to check.

In addition, the green circle that appears in a number of interesting profile photos does not only function as a marker. WhatsApp because it also links the feature to the story of the related account directly.

Instead of having to open a tab Status and looking for stories from related accounts, we will be able to open them directly through the conversation page. In this case, we can do this by tapping on the WhatsApp profile photo that has a green circle.

As with the created story, this green circle will also not appear permanently. Later it will also disappear when the duration of the uploaded content is up unless the account makes new uploads.

The presence of this new feature can certainly make it easier for us to interact with people close to us. We can at least make it easier to check the story content they upload to WhatsApp.

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