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The Ikea lamp with a built-in speaker that cannot be missing in your garden


Ikea surprises us with a new lamp that has a built-in speaker via Bluetooth so that we don’t stop enjoying good weather with friends and family. Thanks to its light, it can be used at night, thus prolonging the moments of fun.

When it seemed that Ikea could not offer us anything new, it comes to us with this fantastic gadget that is capable of illuminating our darkest nights and brightening up the most silent and quiet ones. And all this with an internal rechargeable battery. And if it runs out, it can continue to be used plugged in! This lamp brings nothing but joy to any home.

But the benefits of this Ikea gadget do not end there, since in the speaker section it comes with a very pleasant and useful surprise in these times. This extra is nothing more than the possibility of using the speaker with the Spotify Tap playback™ function. What is this? Well, if you still don’t know, don’t worry, we’re going to show you what we’re talking about.

Play music with the Ikea lamp and Spotify Tap playback™

The main function of this feature is that you can directly connect the built-in speaker in this lamp. Ikea with Spotify. Through this connection, just by pressing the corresponding button on the body of the lamp, the speaker will start playing with the preset Spotify list. This can be a great advantage to save battery on your mobile, since you do not need to unlock or connect it every time you want to play music. All advantages with this system.

This is the speaker lamp from Ikea
This is the speaker lamp from Ikea

If you want to change the song, all you have to do is press the button again, thus moving on to the next one until you manage to find one that you want to listen to at that moment. Not all songs are for all times and this speaker lamp from Ikea knows it.

Surround and quality sound

All of the above is not the only thing you will find in the list of features of this new product from Ikea. To all this we must add that it has a 360º surround sound. Thanks to this, it does not matter where you are located with respect to the speaker, since you will be able to hear it clearly and with high quality without any problem.

For more details, in case you are still not convinced that it is a good product, this lamp includes a handle to be transported more easily. And not only that, but it is waterproof, so it becomes an ideal item to take to any type of camping. It won’t matter if it rains or if it’s a nice day. You will always have your favorite music available nearby at the touch of a button.

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