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The best prefabricated houses from Leroy Merlin, ideal for small spaces


Leroy Merlin brings your ideas to life by filling in the space you need and don’t have in your home. That’s why it’s for sale mini prefab houses at very attractive prices.

And it is that the French multinational specialized in diyconstruction, decoration and gardening belonging to the Adeo Group has always been interested in keeping our house furnished.

Should we need even more space or an attached shed, the company now sells a selection of prefab tiny houses.


These are, as you may have imagined, small houses that serve as the perfect complement to our usual home or other types of premises where we need a few more meters.

It perfectly fulfills the function of being able to obtain extra space with notable advantages of design and illumination.

Leroy Merlin furniture store

The properties and the material of the tiny houses are two positive points that Leroy Merlín takes into account, whose general manager in Spain is Alain Ryckeboer.

  • For example, the wooden shed stands out. eco-lodgeof up to 18.14 square meters, which will be more than enough for those outside tasks or to have our own office.
  • It is made of Scandinavian pine wood and has two double-glazed windows, in case you live in a windy area, so you do not have any discomfort.
  • It also has good insulation. thermal on the walls and on the roofs so you can keep us cold. Its price? 10,200 euros at Leroy Merlin, with a three-year guarantee.

Other prefabricated houses at a great price

The brand’s wooden shed is also one of the best sellers Studio. It is made of natural Nordic fir wood, which speaks of the high quality of its assembly.

Its walls are 97 millimeters thick and it was originally made from prefabricated wood panels.

Studio Prefabricated House
Studio Prefabricated House

It has a glass door and two windows. PVCwith a price of 12,479 euros in total.

Another model eco-lodgebut larger, is that of 24.7 square meters, which provides even more space for the placement of other furniture inside.

Leroy Merlin prefabricated house
Leroy Merlin prefabricated house

Its design alludes to traditional studies and is made of Scandinavian pine wood. Its materials also take care of the environment, so it is recyclable and ecological.

It is worth 11,700 euros and can be arranged as if it were a home.

Finally, we offer you the Eco Lodge wooden shed, measuring 10.91 square metres, which is another of the best-selling options in this regard and which adapts perfectly to your yard.

It is modular in nature, where other modules can also be added to those that are presented, and its total price amounts to 7,701 euros, making it another alternative that we cannot lose sight of.

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