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The 3 best plants that act as sugar substitutes for our blood


In the ecosystem of life, there are floors that can become the best sugar substitutes for our blood in order to be able to control the blood pressure. Although they are not miraculous, they do collaborate in promoting the circulation of our blood to prevent us from having cardiovascular diseases in the future.

It happens that people are increasingly aware of the need to find alternatives to sugar, which is a sweetener of natural, solid and crystallized origin that is not suitable for our organism.

Although it is true that sugar is essentially made up of loose crystals of saccharosein addition to the usual fructosenutritionists advocate that we reduce their consumption as much as possible.

Advantages of plants as sugar substitutes

The great benefit of being able to have at our disposal some plants that directly benefit our organism is the sweetened flavor.

Therefore, they provide not only the nutritional properties of the plant we’re talking about, but it also gives it that bit of flavor that we do not always find in other foods.

We have always known that taste is, on many occasions, a very subjective matter, but natural plants put palates in agreement on several things:

  • They counteract the bitter taste of many foods.
  • They have a therapeutic goal.
  • improves the blood pressure thanks to the reduction of blood sugar.
  • Prevent pathologies cerebrovascular and diseases related to blood vessels.
stevia sugar substitute blood pressure blood circulation natural plants
Learn about the plants that can replace sugar and what their best properties are for our health

3 essential plants to replace sugar in our meals

As you know, this article comes to be a recommendation of plants, more than a medical treatment. To receive the best advice on nutritionIt is best to go directly to a specialist.

However, if you want to go ahead with some plants that can bring a multitude of benefits to your organismwe leave you here which ones you can adopt in your diet in a rich and natural way.

Stevia usually leads this relationship, since it is one of the most powerful plants in terms of sweetening, up to 30 times more than sugar. Did you know her?

With it you can get an idea of ​​how beneficial its consumption is, since it improves tolerance to glucose and is especially recommended for people with diabetes.

Star anise is another more than feasible option that we can find in our trusted herbalist. Help in the digestion and favors the intestinal flora.

A new sugar substitute that can come in handy is liquorice, a childhood food of many children who bit into it as if it were a candy.

The truth is that licorice helps prevent reflux and the taste of mouth. Also the acidity of stomachwhich can be annoying.

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