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Telkomsel SMS Package February 2023 and How to Register

Gadgetren – Even though internet packages are now more popular with more users, Telkomsel SMS packages are still available for those who need them.

Currently, of course, there are some Telkomsel users who still use SMS (Short Message Service) for their needs to send short messages in areas where the internet connection is less stable.

Not only that, Telkomsel still provides SMS packages at affordable prices in order not to burden its users with several active time options ranging from 1 day, 7 days, to 30 days.

It should be noted that Telkomsel packages can be purchased by Prepaid Telkomsel users and are valid nationally. Interestingly, this package features an SMS quota that can be sent to users of other operators.

Telkomsel SMS Package Prices

1 Day SMS Package

  • 20 SMS to All Operators
  • Active Time 1 Day
  • Price IDR 2,000

7 Day SMS Package

  • 50 SMS to All Operators
  • Active Time 7 Days
  • Price IDR 7,000

30 Day SMS Package

  • 100 SMS to All Operators
  • Active Time 30 Days
  • Price IDR 20,000

Apart from the low price, it can be seen that the SMS quota provided by Telkomsel is quite a lot. Moreover, you can send SMS to all operators without sharing. The 1 day SMS package is suitable for those of you who really need daily SMS with more quota.

That way, you can buy 1 Day SMS packages many times to suit your needs. Meanwhile, the 30-day SMS package is suitable for those of you who need time with a long active period.

It should be noted that prices can change at any time depending on the policies made by Telkomsel. Meanwhile, purchasing the package itself can be done easily via the MyTelkomsel application or calling code.

You can download the MyTelkomsel application from Google Play Store or Apple App Store according to the device used.

How to Buy Telkomsel SMS Packages

Through the MyTelkomsel Application

  • Open MyTelkomsel application.
  • Account login with Prepaid Telkomsel number.
  • Select the menu Shop in the below section.
  • Select tabs Voice & SMS.
  • Select SMS Package which are desired.
  • On the page Package DetailPress the button Buy One Time.
  • Select payment method which are desired.
  • Press the button Pay.
  • Enter the payment PIN or security code depending on the selected method.

Telkomsel has presented various payment methods such as credit balance, Telkomsel Paylater, LinkAja, GoPay, ShopeePay, OVO, DANA, and Mandiri Instant Debit to make it easier to buy the packages offered.

Via USSD Code

  • Access the Phone or Phone app.
  • Type in USSD code *999*222#.
  • Click button SIM 1 or SIM 2 the location of the Telkomsel SIM card location.
  • In the pop-up menu that appears, type 1 to select menus 1. Buy
  • Press the button SEND.

It should be noted that the USSD dialing code method can only cut credit, so you must provide enough credit for the SMS package purchase process to be successful. However, if the credit balance is insufficient, Telkomsel will send a notification stating that the purchase cannot be processed.

In addition, the calling code is limited only to SMS packages that have been chosen by Telkomsel, so you cannot choose them as you wish. Therefore purchases through the MyTelkomsel application are better because they adjust the desired SMS package.

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