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Telkomsel Night Internet Package 2022 – Big Quota at Low Prices

Gadgetren – Those of us who like to “hang out” or tend to be more active at night, of course, sometimes need a special internet package to do this.

In order to meet the needs of every customer, which is now increasing in number, Telkomsel, who knows this, also offers a series of nightly internet packages. We can consider it as a solution.

The night internet package introduced by Telkomsel because it offers a number of interesting benefits. Although on the other hand, there are terms and conditions that need to be considered in order to be used.

Telkomsel Night Internet Package

In accordance with the name it uses, the Telkomsel night internet package is a line of products which specifically only offers MDS (Midnight Data Services) quota or Midnight Data Services.

For those of you who don’t know, Telkomsel’s own MDS quota can only be used from 00.00 to 07.00. So those of us who access the internet network outside these hours will be subject to the basic usage rate if we don’t have another data package.

In addition to carrying the type of data that can only be used at night, night internet packages usually offer large quotas at affordable prices when compared to other Telkomsel products in general.

In this case, Telkomsel specifically provides a quota of up to 15GB with a price tag starting from Rp. 4,000. Here are more complete details about the line of night internet packages that we can consider.

Telkomsel Night Internet Packages

Night Internet 1GB

  • Kuota MDS 1GB
  • Active time 1 day
  • Rp4.000

5GB Night Internet

  • Kuota MDS 5GB
  • Active time 2 days
  • Rp7.000

5GB Night Internet

  • Kuota MDS 5GB
  • Active time 8 days
  • Rp13.000

10GB Night Internet

  • Kuota MDS 10GB
  • Active time 8 days
  • Rp16.000

5GB Night Internet

  • Kuota MDS 5GB
  • Active time 30 days
  • Rp20.000

15GB Night Internet

  • Kuota MDS 15GB
  • Active time 30 days
  • Rp27.500

These various data packages can be purchased by customers who use Prepaid cards through a number of Telkomsel purchase channels. The easiest way, we can get it through the MyTelkomsel application.

How to Activate Telkomsel Night Internet Package

  1. Open the MyTelkomsel APP
  2. Sign in with your Telkomsel number
  3. Verify according to the instructions
  4. Open tab Shop
  5. Search section Choose your package
  6. Tap Filter
  7. Klik tab Package
  8. Tick Night Internet Package
    Telkomsel Night Internet Package - 1
  9. Tap the button Apply
  10. Search and select the desired night internet package
  11. Tap the button Buy One Time
  12. Select your preferred payment method
  13. Tap Pay
    Telkomsel Night Internet Package - 2

If the payment is successful, we will receive an SMS containing information about the activated night internet package as well as the amount of the quota and the active period. Wait for some time as the process may take a bit longer.

Meanwhile, to check the quota from the night internet package, we can also use the same method as other Telkomsel products in general. Including through the MyTelkomsel and UMB applications *888#.

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