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Telkomsel MAX Internet Package Price List and How to Buy It!

Gadgetren – In competition with other operators in Indonesia, Telkomsel has presented various internet, SMS, and telephone packages in order to attract the interest of many people.

Even Telkomsel itself has presented InternetMAX in Indonesia, which consists of starter packs and data packages that provide internet with maximum speed, large quota, and good internet connection from Telkomsel.

You can buy the Telkomsel InternetMAX starter pack through GraPARI or the nearest outlet that usually sells credit. However, if you visit GraPARI, you will be served by expert staff from Telkomsel who can ask and consult about InternetMAX starter packs.

Then you can buy the InternetMAX package according to your needs through the nearest MyTelkomsel or GraPari application. Interestingly, the InternetMAX package can also be purchased by new Telkomsel Prepaid customers or old customers who have purchased InternetMAX packages.

The InternetMAX package itself consists of internet quota, local internet, watching movies, and unlimited applications on all networks with an active period of up to 30 days. The bigger the quota the package has, the more expensive the price will be.

InternetMAX Package Price List

1. InternetMAX Lite 3 GB

  • Main quota 0,5 GB
  • 2 GB local internet quota
  • Download YouTube 0.5 GB
  • Active time 30 Days
  • Price Rp14,900

2. InternetMAX 7 GB

  • Main quota 0,5 GB
  • 4.5 GB local internet quota
  • Chat Quota 2 GB
  • Unlimited application quota
  • Active time 30 Days
  • Price IDR 30,000

3. InternetMAX 11 GB

  • Main quota 1 GB
  • 7 GB local internet quota
  • 3GB Social Media Quota
  • Unlimited application quota
  • Active time 30 Days
  • Price IDR 42,000

4. InternetMAX 18 GB

  • Main quota 1,5 GB
  • Local internet quota 8.5 GB
  • Social Media Quota 8 GB
  • Unlimited application quota
  • Active time 30 Days
  • Price IDR 66,000

5. InternetMAX 35 GB

  • Main quota 2 GB
  • 23 GB local internet quota
  • Watch Quota 10 GB
  • Unlimited application quota
  • Active time 30 Days
  • Price IDR 83,000

6. InternetMAX 51 GB

  • Main quota 3 GB
  • 35 GB local internet quota
  • Watch Quota 13 GB
  • Unlimited application quota
  • Active time 30 Days
  • Price Rp115.000

7. InternetMAX 70 GB

  • Main quota 5 GB
  • 50 GB local internet quota
  • Watch Quota 15 GB
  • Unlimited application quota
  • Active time 30 Days
  • Price Rp138.000

You could say the price is standard for the Greater Jakarta area (Jakarta Bogor Depok Tangerang Bekasi). That way, the package price will be different depending on the location of the purchase of Telkomsel Prepaid or InternetMAX starter packs.

The InternetMAX package has a local internet quota that is larger than the main internet quota. For those of you who don’t know, local quota is a quota that can be used in the area where the Telkomsel prepaid or InternetMAX prepaid card is activated.

If you activate the starter pack in Bogor, the local quota cannot be used in Jakarta or other areas. That way, it appears that InternetMAX is intended for those of you who usually do activities in one city only.

How to Buy Telkomsel InternetMAX Package

  • Open the MyTelkomsel application on your cellphone
  • Login account with your Telkomsel number
  • On the main page, select menu Shop shopping cart icon at the bottom
  • Search and select package InternetMax which are desired
  • On the Package Details page, press the button Buy or Buy it
  • Select method payment
  • Press the button Pay or Pay
  • Next, make a payment according to the package nominal listed
  • If the transaction is successful, a purchase notification will appear in the SMS and the package will automatically activate immediately

Telkomsel itself has presented various payment methods ranging from e-wallet (OVO, LinkAja, Gopay, ShopeePay, DANA), credit, Telkomsel Paylater, and Mandiri Instant Debit.

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