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Telkomsel Gojek Package Prices and How to Register to Get Special Quotas

Gadgetren – To reach various groups in Indonesia, Telkomsel already presents various packages with varying quotas and prices.

Meanwhile, to provide convenience for Gojek drivers in the country, Telkomsel also presents a special driver package gojek and Gokar which is called the Swadaya Telkomsel package.

As a result of a collaboration between Telkomsel and Gojek, this package presents a package that has a large quota for accessing the internet, calls and SMS at an affordable price.

Please note that the Telkomsel Self-Help package comes with three package options consisting of 25K Weekly Self-Help Package, 50K Monthly Self-Help Package, and 75K Monthly Self-Help Package.

Gojek Telkomsel Package Prices

25K Weekly Self Help

  • Quota Internet 3 GB
  • 100 Minutes Call to Fellow Telkomsel
  • 15 Minutes Call to Other Operators
  • 100 SMS to Fellow Telkomsel
  • Price IDR 25,000
  • Active Time 7 Days

Self Help Monthly 50K

  • Quota Internet 11 GB
  • Unlimited Calls to Fellow Telkomsel
  • 50 Minutes Call to Other Operators
  • 100 SMS to Fellow Telkomsel
  • Kuota Internet Unlimited GoPartner
  • Price IDR 50,000
  • Active Time 30 Days

Self Help 75K

  • Quota Internet 20 GB
  • Unlimited Calls to Fellow Telkomsel
  • 200 Minutes Call to Other Operators
  • 500 SMS to Fellow Telkomsel
  • Kuota Internet Unlimited GoPartner
  • Price IDR 75,000
  • Active Time 30 Days

GoPartner Internet quota can only be used for GoPartner applications with FUP (Fair Usage Policy) or a fair usage limit of 10 GB per 30 days. When internet users approach FUP, internet access for the GoPartner application can still run with a reduced speed from normal to 256 Kbps.

Terms of Subscription to Gojek Telkomsel Packages

So that you can subscribe to the Gojek Telkomsel package, you must meet several conditions determined by Telkomsel as follows:

  • Gojek or GoCar drivers who are still active
  • Drivers use Telkomsel Prepaid numbers (simPATI, AS Card, and Loop)
  • Drivers must still be active in receiving and executing orders within the last 1 month
  • Drivers use the official Gojek application, not a modified application

After fulfilling the requirements above, you have the opportunity to activate the Gojek Telkomsel package via the UMB code in the Phone application or select a package in the Gojek Driver application.

How to Activate Gojek Telkomsel Packages

Via UMB Code

  • Open the Phone or Phone app
  • Enter the code *168*455#
  • Press the SIM 1 or SIM 2 button to continue the process
  • In the dialog box that appears, you are faced with a choice of Telkomsel Self-help Packages with choices of 1.25K, 2.50K and 3.75K
  • Press the numbers in order
  • Example number 3 for the 75K Telkomsel Swadaya package then press the Send or Send button
  • Next, a detailed description of the package will appear
  • When agree press number 1 for activation and press Send or Send to complete

Through the Gojek Driver Application

  • Open the Gojek Driver application on the cellphone
  • On the main page, press menu Balance and select a feature GoPulsa
  • You can buy a Telkomsel Swadaya Package for 25 thousand, 50 thousand or 75 thousand
  • Then follow the instructions in the Gojek application until it’s finished
  • After the package activation process is successful, you will receive a notification

After the Telkomsel Swadaya package has been successfully activated, you can enjoy all the benefits starting from internet quota, telephone, SMS, and GoPartner quota according to the price.

Furthermore, you can also check the remaining quota and also buy packages through the MyTelkomsel application after the Gojek Telkomsel package has been activated. With the presence of the Gojek Telkomsel package, it is hoped that it can make Gojek drivers smooth in carrying out their daily activities using packages with various benefits, but at low prices.

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