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So you can benefit from the consumption of peanut shells


Peanuts are one of the most popular nuts in the world. Although, like all nuts, it stands out for containing healthy fatty acids and a very appropriate nutritional value for the general functioning of the organism. Although many people do not know it, its reddish shell also provides favorable effects.

However, it is important to consume peanuts in moderation, since their high caloric content can cause weight gain. In addition, it is always preferable to consume it naturally and not fried.

Peanuts are also known as groundnuts in many parts of the world. Thus, one of its great benefits is that it is one of the best sources of proteins from foods of plant origin.

Peanut shell benefits

It is true that the peanut is inside a hard beige shell, which is normally discarded before consumption. However, in this publication we are going to refer to the peanut shell with respect to the layer of reddish skin that it contains.

Peanut shell benefits
Peanut shell benefits

That reddish shell that surrounds the peanut it is discarded by numerous people. However, it is necessary to know that it has great health benefits, especially for its properties.

One of the main favorable effects of this thin reddish shell that covers the peanut is its ability to antioxidant. For this reason, it is a part of the food that is especially beneficial for the health of the skin. In addition, antioxidant properties are also attributed to it.

beneficial properties for health

As for the shell properties The reddish color of peanuts highlights its content of healthy fatty acids, which help to stop or delay the appearance of the dreaded wrinkles or expression lines. It also highlights its important content of vitamin E, which helps fight free radicals that sometimes cause oxidative damage to the skin.

Experts agree that the consumption of 30 grams of peanuts helps cover a quarter of the daily needs of vitamins, proteins and minerals of an adult person. That is, 1 or two handfuls of natural peanuts a day with their shell

Ultimately, the peanuts They are an excellent source of protein, they are rich in potassium and phosphorus. In addition, its high proportion of iron is better absorbed than that of other vegetables.

Likewise, both in his peel As in the food itself, it contains B vitamins such as folic acid and niacin, constituting some of the most essential properties of the peanut.

As indicated from ‘Bio Pharmacy‘, the antioxidant properties of raw peanuts help make it an ideal food to curb cholesterol and to protect cardiovascular health.

Thus, the peanut with its reddish shellIn addition to offering benefits for the skin, it also has favorable effects on the immune system, provides energy, reduces cardiovascular risk, strengthens bones, calms anxiety or is ideal for women during the pregnancy process.

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