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Smartfren Video Quota Can You Watch What Services?

Gadgetren – Apart from playing games, watching movies and videos on various online services, it is also an activity that can be done when you want to spend free time or unwind.

Most cellular operators in Indonesia moreover provide various special packages with video quotas that can be used to do this. Some of them are even sold at a fairly affordable price.

Smartfren is also one of them. Operators under the umbrella of Sinar Mas also have such a number of packages which includes Watch Quota, YouTube Quota, Netflix Quota, Video Quota, and VIU Quota for example.

Through these packages, Smartfren offers convenience for those of us who like to watch. We also don’t have to worry about the main quota running out faster because it contains a video quota that can be used as a focus.

But of course, the service that can be enjoyed with video quota from the Smartfren operator is quite limited. Those of you who are curious about it can listen to it in more detail in the following explanation.

What can Smartfren Video Quota be for?

The video quota offered by Smartfren can generally be used to access several popular streaming services. These include YouTube, Netflix, Vidio, VIU, TikTok, MNC Play, KlikFilm, Genflix, dan Sushiroll.

It’s just undeniable that each package may offer different terms and conditions of use. We therefore need to pay close attention before confirming the purchase.

For example, the Watch Quota Package, be it monthly, weekly, or daily, has a quota that can be used to watch content across these services. Meanwhile, YouTube Quota, Netflix Quota, Video Quota, and VIU Quota only apply to related services according to the quota name.

To use it, we generally do not need to make any settings. Video quota will usually be used immediately before the main quota when we are accessing applications from related services.

Interestingly enough, several special viewing packages belonging to Smartfren not only offer video quotas but also premium subscriptions from related services. So we can enjoy the content there to the fullest.

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