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Rows of Telkomsel Packages with Unlimited Quota for 30 Days

Gadgetren – Internet needs are different for everyone. Usually influenced by daily activities that are often done whether it is work, study, or just enjoying entertainment.

In order to meet the needs of each customer, Telkomsel therefore provides various internet packages. In this case, we can choose it based on the type of quota or additional benefits offered.

For those who want to continue to be connected to the internet network without worrying about their credit balance being cut off, Telkomsel also has unlimited packages to consider.

Even though in this case, the use of the unlimited package offered by Telkomsel also applies the FUP (Fair Usage Policy) system or fair usage limit. So the speed of internet access will be adjusted once it is fulfilled.

The Telkomsel package with unlimited internet itself consists of several options. Including among them we can find products with an active period of up to 30 days as follows.

Telkomsel Unlimited Packages with 30 Days Active Period

Combo SAKTI 25GB

  • FUP internet 15GB
  • 10GB app FUP
  • 75 Minutes telephone quota to others
  • 400 SMS to others
  • Price IDR 68.000

Combo SAKTI 35GB

  • FUP internet 20GB
  • FUP 15GB app
  • Call quota 150 Minutes to others
  • 400 SMS to others
  • Price IDR 88.000

Combo SAKTI 48GB

  • FUP internet 28GB
  • FUP 20GB app
  • Call quota 150 Minutes to others
  • 400 SMS to others
  • Price Rp114,000

Combo SAKTI 48GB + Video

  • FUP internet 28GB
  • FUP 20GB app
  • Call quota 150 Minutes to others
  • 400 SMS to others
  • 30 Day Platinum Mobile Video Subscription
  • Price Rp124,000

Combo SAKTI 55GB

  • FUP internet 35GB
  • FUP 20GB app
  • Call quota 200 minutes to others
  • 400 SMS to others
  • Price Rp134,000

Row SAKTI Combo Package from Telkomsel can certainly be one of the right choices for those of us who need unlimited internet access. It contains the main quota and applications that act as FUP.

Quota Usage Policy in SAKTI Combo Package

The main quota will be consumed first. But after it’s finished, we can still surf the internet at an adjustable speed except for some services that are supported by application quotas where each package has its own policy.

For packages with a price of less than Rp. 100,000, application quota can be used to access WhatsApp, LINE, MusicMAX, GamesMAX, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Meanwhile, for Combo SAKTI more than Rp. 100,000, you will get additional support for MAXstream and YouTube.

After the application quota runs out, all access to new internet services will be adjusted. The maximum speed will be changed to 64Kbps for SAKTI Combo Packages under Rp114,000 or 128Kbps for the same price and above.

The SAKTI Combo Package from Telkomsel is available for Prepaid card users who have subscribed for more than 3 months. We can buy it from MyTelkomsel, UMB *363#as well as outlets that work together.

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