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Reasons Why Your WhatsApp Account Is Temporarily Blocked, Don’t Do This!

The Gadget – WhatsApp has become one of the applications used by people from various countries to exchange messages instantly.

It doesn’t just stop there, WhatsApp users can also use it to make video calls so that everyone can meet face to face even in remote places.

But of course you feel annoyed if when using WhatsApp you suddenly experience a blocked account. Even though you yourself don’t feel that you have made a mistake or violated WhatsApp’s provisions.

In order not to get confused, you must know in advance some of the reasons that usually occur when a WhatsApp account is temporarily blocked because it could accidentally violate the rules that are in force.

If the account is indeed temporarily blocked, then you will get this message with a penalty time between 24 hours and 48 hours. But each person’s case will be different depending on the mistakes made.

1. Using the Modified WhatsApp Application

Based on the conditions provided by WhatsApp partyyou are prohibited from using unofficial or modified WhatsApp applications such as WhatsApp GB, WhatsApp Plus, and others that are circulated for download via third parties.

In the modified application there are indeed a variety of interesting features, but of course this violates WhatsApp’s provisions because it can cause various things such as making data from accounts insecure.

Moreover, you don’t know what data will be taken by the WhatsApp Modification developer. For this reason, you should only use the official WhatsApp, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

2. Reported by WhatsApp Users

Sometimes there are people who don’t like your attitude or statements, so that is one of the reasons many people report your WhatsApp account.

By being reported in groups, your WhatsApp account can be temporarily blocked. Therefore you have to be patient until the account is reopened or you can also appeal to WhatsApp if you don’t really feel guilty.

3. Considered Spammers

When you send various WhatsApp chats simultaneously or repeatedly to users with unsaved numbers in the contact, WhatsApp will usually consider you a spammer.

Moreover, chats are sent in very large numbers on the same day so that WhatsApp has automatically marked and temporarily blocked the account. So it happened, you have to wait until the account is no longer blocked by WhatsApp so you can send chats again.

4. Sending Viruses or Malware

WhatsApp has strictly taken care of the privacy and security of its users. You are also not allowed to send links and files that are detected as viruses or malware. If you are caught doing this, then WhatsApp will not hesitate to block your account.

5. Doing Bad Things

Doing bad things such as sending death threats, violence through words, or harassing other users can cause the WhatsApp account to be automatically temporarily blocked immediately.

However, it should be noted that the account will also be marked by WhatsApp so that if you are caught doing bad things again, the account will not be safe, aka blocked forever.

6. Scraping Data on WhatsApp

Scraping is automated extraction targeted at specific people or on a large scale for unauthorized purposes. Later you will get user information without permission such as phone number, user profile photo and status.

Of course this includes breaking the rules if an account performs data dredging against other users so that it can cause an account temporarily blocked by WhatsApp.

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