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Practical Ways to Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, and More on WA WhatsApp

Gadgetren – As a short message service, WhatsApp is also equipped with a special feature that can be used to format text into several forms of characters before sending.

There are several character formats that can be used in this case, such as italic, bold, strikethrough, or monospace. We can use it to mark important parts or just beautify the writing.

Initially, we can use some of these formats by inserting special marks at the front or back of the text that we want to change. We can for example add an underscore (underscore) to turn it into italics.

But nowadays, we can do it even more easily because there is a special shortcut that makes it possible. So we don’t need to remember the special marks that need to be used to format the text.

The custom shortcut is already available on both Android and iOS, so we only need to update the app to the latest version. However, if you can’t use it yet, you can listen to the following steps.

How to Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, and More on WhatsApp

  • Open the WhatsApp application
  • Enter the conversation you want to send the message to
  • Type the message as you wish into the column provided
  • Double tap on one of the words in the text
  • Use the cursor to highlight the entire text you want to change
  • Tap More options (three dot icon) on Android or B_I_U on iOS
  • Tap an option Bold to format to bold
  • Tap an option Italic if you want to make it italic
  • Tap an option Strikethrough make scribble letters
  • Tap MPV for monospace format
  • Send a message after formatting is complete
    How to Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, and More on WhatsApp

Interestingly enough, some of these formats can be used simultaneously except for monospace. We in this case only need to repeat the steps above from the beginning again to add them one by one.

That way, we can later write in a format that combines bold, italic, and crossed out letters. In this case, we can use two or even all three at once to create different parts of the message content we want to send.

To get this shortcut, don’t forget to update the app to the latest version. We can do it through Google Play Store nor Apple Apps Store.

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