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Possible risks of consuming apple cider vinegar for weight loss


There are many positive opinions about the Apple cider vinegarthen their properties have made it recommended when treating some problems such as acne, arthritis, some types of infections, or a cold.

However, one of the reasons why this variety has become so famous vinegar it is because it has been related to the combat overweightbecause within its effects it has been shown that helps reduce body weight.

Is there evidence to support this?

The relationship that exists between Apple vinager and weight loss was supported by a 2009 study in Japan involving 175 people with obesity.

In this investigation, people were subjected to a 12-week diet, with the variation that half were given diluted apple cider vinegar, while the other half only drank water.

As a result, it was obtained that the people who ingested the apple cider vinegar solution losing between a pound and a pound of body weightwhile the participants who only drank water did not register any change in their weight, which led the scientists to suggest that this substance could impact the genes that break down body fat.

However, this study left a question mark, because after completing the investigation, weight gain was recorded in all participants, which has motivated other researchers to try to clarify the link, although most efforts have not been successful. .

What effects can it have?

Carol Johnson, who teaches at Arizona State University’s School of Nutrition and Health Promotion, has done research on the effects of all types of vinegar in health, seeking to clarify its relationship with glucose levels.

The researcher explains that all vinegars contain acetic acid as its active ingredient, so apple cider vinegar’s fame is more publicity.

In his research, he has determined that this substance allows to block the enzymes that digest starches, preventing the absorption of glucose, which in theory could help reduce weight.

However, many experts point out that this blockage does not always translate into a decrease in weight, since the effect may be imperceptible, therefore it is not recommended as a solution, until now a balanced diet and exercise are the most recommended.

Apple vinager
Apple vinager

What dangers exist?

Although it is still an allowed ingredient in any diet, it is important to be careful, especially when taking medications for the glycemic controlas it could interact and produce a considerable drop in blood sugar levels.

On the other hand, there are risks when drinking undiluted vinegar, as acetic acid can be strong and dangerous, especially since it could affect tooth enamel, cause mouth burns and could be inhaled into the lungs without people they realize

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