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Night eating syndrome, one of the most unknown disorders: symptoms and causes


One of the most unknown feeding problems by the general population is night eating syndrome. Its symptoms are as varied as its causes, so it is convenient to clarify them from the beginning, because not everyone knows what it is and there are people who did not even know it existed. Moreover, there may be people who have it and do not know it.

In food, many conditions at the psychological and physical level come together to give free rein to what we know as eating disorders.

Night eating syndrome moves in this situation, which consists of a persistent behavior in which people have eating disorders at night.

In other words, many people raid the fridge at odd hours for a multitude of reasons, and we are going to try to find an explanation for those situations that also affect health.

Symptoms of night eating syndrome

They are varied, and as you can imagine, all of them really depend on the personality and the physical and cerebral circumstances of those who have this nocturnal eating syndrome.

night eating syndrome psychological disorder food diet
Night eating syndrome is key to understanding this psychological disorder that affects health

But this Psychological trastorn It is here to stay, and we must try to be able to catch on the fly all the signs that give us clues to avoid it. These are the most typical symptoms:

  • Those who have it often skip breakfast and have their first meal several hours after waking up.
  • They typically consume at least half their calories after dinner, not including dessert.
  • Nighttime binge eating almost always consists of eating carbohydrates. However, this feeding extends over several hours when it should be much less.

What are the causes of night eating syndrome?

The disorder we are talking about may be due to some type of depression or anxietyoften in connection with their eating habits.

On the other hand, nocturnal eating episodes tend to provoke guilt rather than pleasure, doing significant moral damage to the person who has it for feeling that they have failed themselves.

There are causes that also point to sleep disorders and insomnia as essential factors, so to stabilize the situation, we must first be aware of whether we have it under control.

Then there are experts who add that people who suffer from a night eating syndrome are more likely to sleepwalk than average.

It happens that the causes are important to reveal, because many people are not fully aware and take it as something normal, when it could be the beginning of a real problem.

So much so that they associate it on a mental level as the only possible key to going to bed. We are not talking about dinner, but binges at midnight or later that are not convenient for our body or our brain.

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