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New Features! How to remove online status on WhatsApp so that it is invisible

Gadgetren – Good news for us WhatsApp users, this internet-based short message service has developed a new feature that can be used to remove online status.

That way, we no longer need to use the various tricks that were previously available such as turning off data or activating airplane mode.

We can set it directly on the Settings page when needed. Online status on the WhatsApp service can indeed be a very helpful feature because we can find out whether someone is currently connected to the service or not.

It’s just the opposite, they can also get these conveniences. For some of us, being caught online can be quite a hassle. Especially if we’re avoiding to open a received message or converse with the person.

The presence of a new feature to remove online status on the WhatsApp service can therefore be a very helpful solution. This support also has a fairly complete setting that can be used as needed.

New Features Remove WhatsApp Online Status

The online status removal feature is specifically designed so that we as users can control who can see when we are opening the service. So these people will not be caught using WhatsApp.

Just like WhatsApp privacy settings in general, this feature can be set with several options. We can set it for all users, unsaved numbers, or even certain people.

We can also find these settings directly on the WhatsApp privacy settings page. We can specifically open the Last seen and online page by following the following steps to set it up.

How to Remove WhatsApp Online Status

  1. Open the WhatsApp application
  2. Tap the button More (three dots icon) in the top right corner
  3. Select Settings
  4. Go to section Account
  5. Select the menu Privacy
  6. Go to page Last seen and online

Set who can see the last seen and online status as needed on the Last seen and online page. We in this case can also make the same settings for both if we need it.

Unfortunately, the feature to remove online status on the WhatsApp service is still available on a limited basis. We can now only use it if we have joined the beta trial program and installed the application with version or later.

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