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Mercadona’s intensive facial serum that will rejuvenate your skin from the first use


Everyone wants to have youthful looking skin that feels silky smooth to the touch. With the passage of time, unfortunately, this part of the body is very neglected because it is in direct contact with all kinds of elements. To protect the skin from all this and rejuvenate it, Mercadona has a facial serum for sale that helps the face stay young and bright.

As usual, Mercadona manages to offer a great product for sale at a reduced price with enormous reliability. This serum is added to the catalog of cosmetic products that the store already has available, making the options multiple and varied for all skin types and needs.

What does this Mercadona cream do to rejuvenate the skin?

One of the main factors that come into play when using this serum is that we are dealing with a skin regenerator. The ingredients it contains are combined to make the skin on your face look younger and better looking.

The Mercadona serum that will help you have youthful skin
The Mercadona serum that will help you have youthful skin

Facial skin regeneration is achieved by combining the powerful effects of a professional cosmetic treatment and a serum, thus increasing collagen synthesis. In addition, it increases firmness, hydration and elasticity with the comfort of only this product from Mercadona.

The active ingredient in this serum is bakuchiol, which is of plant origin. This ingredient, added to retinol, manages to return the skin to a previous season of youth in record time. It is surprising how with just one use its effects begin to appear.

How is this serum used?

It is very important to note that the use of this product of Mercadona It should only be given at night. Therefore, we are dealing with a night-use serum that we must apply before our daily cream. Of course, you do not have to use it every day, but on alternate days, so that one day we apply this serum on a dry and clean face before the cream and the next day we do not. From the first application, progress and improvement are already noticeable.

On the other hand, it is essential to start the treatment a little more spaced out, that is, in the first few days you have to try not to abuse it, since it can be counterproductive. It should also be noted that in the event of any type of problem that may occur, such as redness in the application area, we must stop the treatment.

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