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Mercadona opens its employment campaign for the summer of 2022


The Mercadona company has reported the launch of the employment campaign for the summer of 2022. In this way, it is now possible to send job applications to obtain a job in the company run by Juan Roig Alfonso.

Mercadona is a Spanish distribution company based in the municipality of Tabernes Blanques and originating in the nearby Puebla de Farnals, both belonging to the province of Valencia.

It is one of the most outstanding companies in its sector, which is highly recognized by clients and also by workers. In this sense, throughout the year Mercadona has a high demand for job.

Summer employment campaign 2022

Mercadona has an important employment platform in which interested people can send their curriculum vitae to apply for one of the jobs offered by the company.

Thus, since the beginning of this month of April it is already possible to find job offers related to the summer campaign in Mercadona. In other words, the well-known supermarket and distribution chain has begun the hiring process for its different establishments in the summer season.

These are some of the Work offers that you can currently find on the Mercadona employment platform regarding the summer campaign:

  • Supermarket staff for the campaign – Tarancón.
  • Supermarket staff for the campaign – Oliva and Pego.
  • Supermarket personal worker for campaign – Albacete.
  • Supermarket staff for the campaign – Ciudad Real.
  • Supermarket staff for the campaign – Cuenca.
  • Supermarket personal worker for the campaign – Daimiel.
  • Supermarket staff for the campaign – El Casar.

These are just some of the job offers for the 2022 summer campaign in Mercadona. However, on the company’s employment platform you can also find available vacancies independent of the summer campaign.

How to sign up for a Mercadona job offer

First of all, before you sign up for a job offer from Mercadona, Whether it is a summer campaign or not, you need to see if you meet the necessary requirements to access this job.

Specifically, for the vacancies available in the summer campaign, Mercadona establishes minimum compulsory secondary education studies as requirements. driver’s license (only in delivery positions), communication skills, customer service orientation and ability to work in a team.

Mercadona is practically the only company in the sector that does not require prior experience for job applicants. From the company they understand that a person can carry out any activity if he demonstrates that he has the capacity to do so.

Thus, to sign up for a job offer from the summer 2022 campaign it is necessary to follow the following steps:

  1. Access the employment platform Mercadona through the next link.
  2. Below you will see a list of available job offers. You can also search for current vacancies based on your preferences.
  3. Click on the desired job offer and then click on ‘Enroll now’.

Finally, to send the Curriculum Vitae to Mercadona and apply as a candidate for the selected job, you must have a user on the company’s platform, which does not entail any additional expense. Next, follow the guidelines set by the system.


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