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Mercadona launches a new limited body line to succeed this spring


With the name of Elixir Spring Bloom, the Mercadona supermarket chain is putting this new line of body cosmetics on sale on a limited basis to go everywhere with the fragrance of spring.

There are people who prefer to wear the same perfume all the time and there are other people who like to change from time to time. This can be done not only to surprise those around them, but also themselves. It is well known that wearing the same perfume for a long time makes us stop smelling it.

For all this and much more, Mercadona has decided to launch a new spring fragrance on a limited basis that will surprise everyone in Spain. This new body line, called Elixir Spring Bloom, arrives to seduce us with its enveloping fragrance. To this we must add that we are facing a diverse product where there are many options to choose from.

The products of Mercadona’s Elixir Spring Bloom line

This new line is made up of five different products that you can use both alone and in combination. First we have an Eau de Parfum, to use on any occasion that we need a fresh aroma. Then we have a body scrub to remove impurities from the skin. We also have a micellar bath gel that will do a deep clean with the best smell. To finish, we also have a body moisturizer with a yogurt texture and a body spray deodorant.

Mercadona spring bloom elixir
Mercadona’s Elixir Spring Bloom line

As we have said before, this entire new line has a special fragrance reminiscent of spring with citrus scents that will delight all noses. The smell of orange, therefore, is very present in this product.

When will this new product line be available?

From now on you can get these products at any Mercadona store, but be careful and don’t be lazy when you go to buy them, because in summer, being a limited edition, they will no longer be on sale and you won’t be able to have on your body this exceptional fragrance.

To finish, it should be noted that both products are made in the Spanish national territory, all of them being under the responsibility of Totaler RNB (Valencia). The only exception in this regard is the body spray deodorant, which is manufactured in the Maverick laboratories, located in the city of Ulldecona (Tarragona).

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