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Mercadona informs of the new schedules for Easter


The large supermarket chains will change their hours next week, during the celebration of the Holy Week. Mercadona is one of the supermarkets that will see its opening hours to the public, as announced throughout this week. East change of schedule in Mercadona during Holy Week it is especially important as it will be closed for several days.

This festivity supposes a change of schedule in all supermarkets, especially taking into account the holidays in which all will remain closed. Lidl, El Corte Ingles or Aldi They have also communicated their special schedules for Easter 2022.

Do you want to know what is the Mercadona’s new schedule for Easter 2022? Write down the opening and closing dates well so as not to be left with an empty fridge on these important days.

Mercadona schedule for Easter 2022

The Valencian supermarket chain is used to closing on Sundays, and this time it will be no different. So both Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday will remain closed. In the case of Holy Thursday, Mercadona will close in those places where it is a holiday, while it will remain open in cities where the holiday is not celebrated. Of course, it will remain open only until noon.

On Good Friday, Mercadona will remain closed throughout the country, although they will open in some tourist areas, such as Benidorm, Torrevieja, Peñíscola or Cullera. Saturday will open normally.

In short, this is the Mercadona schedule for Easter 2022:

  • April 10th, Palm Sunday: closed.
  • April 14th, Holy Thursday: closed where it is a holiday, open where it is not.
  • April 15, Holy Friday: closed except in some establishments located in tourist areas.
  • April 16th, Saturday of Glory: opened.
  • April 17th, Easter Sunday: closed.

When do the rest of the supermarkets close during Easter 2022?

The rest of the supermarkets will follow the pattern of Mercadona at the time of closing for Easter 2022. This means that, during the next week, all supermarkets will remain closed both on Good Friday and both Sundays. In the event that Holy Thursday is a holiday in the town, the shops will also remain closed.

In addition, the Easter monday it is also festive in some communities, so supermarkets, as is the case with Mercadona, El Corte Inglés or LidlThey have also announced that they will close.

In the case of supermarkets that are located in tourist places, they have decided to open their doors taking into account that this is a good week for tourism in our country.

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