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List of IM3 Unlimited Indosat Internet Packages and How to Buy It!

Gadgetren – Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison through the Indosat IM3 service presents a package that has an unlimited quota named Freedom U.

With this unlimited package, parties Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison hope that Indosat IM3 users can access the internet without limits even though their FUP (Fair Usage Policy) or fair usage quota limit has been exhausted.

For those of you who don’t know, FUP itself has become commonplace in the world of operators because it is the fair usage quota limit of an unlimited package which will later reduce internet access speed when it is exceeded.

For example, if you buy an unlimited package that has 10 GB of FUP with a maximum speed of 50 Mbps, there will be a decrease in speed to 64 Kbps when usage exceeds the FUP limit.

Of course, this is done by the operator so that all users get the same quality and convenience of access so that no individual spends internet bandwidth alone.

It should be noted that Freedom U presents a main quota that can be used to access the internet in general and an application quota that can be used specifically for various applications that are pre-installed on mobile phones.

Some of the applications that are given unlimited access without using the main quota include Netflix, Zoom, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. Apart from accessing these applications, the main quota or application will be sucked up.

List of Freedom U Unlimited Packages

Freedom U 1.5 GB

  • Main quota 500 MB
  • 1 GB app quota
  • Active time 2 days
  • Price IDR 5,500

Freedom U 3 GB

  • Main quota 1 GB
  • 2GB app quota
  • Active time 6 days
  • Price IDR 16,000

Freedom U 10 GB

  • Main quota 2 GB
  • 8 GB application quota
  • Active time 30 days
  • Price IDR 52,000

Freedom U 20 GB

  • Main quota 3 GB
  • 17 GB app quota
  • Active time 30 days
  • Price IDR 74,000

Freedom U 35 GB

  • Main quota 7 GB
  • 28 GB application quota
  • Active time 30 days
  • Price IDR 96,000

Freedom U 45 GB

  • Main quota 10 GB
  • 35 GB application quota
  • Active time 30 days
  • Price IDR 107,000

Freedom U Jumbo

  • Main quota 90 GB
  • Active time 30 days
  • Price IDR 162,000

All of these Freedom U packages are equipped with Data Rollover support which will accumulate the previous month’s quota if it has not been used up in the following month. In addition, all Freedom U packages which have an active period of 30 days have been provided with unlimited telephone quota to IM3 and Tri (5,000 minutes).

To purchase the Freedom U package itself, it can be easily done through the MyIM3 application which can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

How to Buy Freedom U Packages

  • Open the MyIM3 application
  • On the main page, select menu Internet
  • Select tabs Freedom U & Extra Booster
  • Select one the Freedom U package which will be purchased
  • On the page Package Details, Press the button Continue
  • On the page Confirmation, you will see the package details and
  • Select your preferred payment method
  • Press the button Pay Now
    Indosat IM3 Unlimited - Freedom U - Buy

To facilitate payment, you are also given a wide selection of methods consisting of credit balances, IMKas, UCan, e-wallets (GoPay, OVO, ShopeePay), credit cards, debit cards and virtual bank accounts (ATM Bersama, BCA, Mandiri, BNI , or BRI).

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