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Lidl launches a retro-style blender to prepare the best juices


With the march of winter, it is time to start preparing many types of cold juices and smoothies at home. For this, nothing better than the blender that Lidl puts on sale. With a modern and elegant aesthetic in several different colors, it can be ideal for any type of kitchen.

A mixer is a useful and essential small appliance in any kitchen. It is used for many different things and is always ready for any occasion, being able to cook with it anything from a delicious fruit juice to a homemade gazpacho, passing, of course, through some wonderful creams and purees of category.

In this sense, there are many models of mixers on the market, but the one that today brings us Lidl It is of the American glass type, whose functionality is really easy to understand and can offer spectacular results.

Features of the Lidl blender

The element that stands out the most within the characteristics of this blender is its power. In this way, the 600 W it has are more than enough to get creamy purees and well-stirred juices. To all this we must add that the stainless steel blades are positioned to optimize grinding to the maximum, not requiring much time in the process with this blender. Lidl.

You can find this Lidl mixer in 3 different colors
You can find this Lidl mixer in 3 different colors

On the other hand, the glass of almost 2 liters It helps us to shred a large amount at once, so we will also save time thanks to it. It should be noted that the glass is made of resistant glass with a plastic lid and a very useful handle for serving later. The lid includes a dispenser to add little by little oil or some other ingredient.

Even crush ice with this blender

If what you want to prepare is very cold drinks, this Lidl blender will make things very easy for you. being able chop up iceyou can cook your favorite recipe by simply adding everything into the measuring cup, pressing the appropriate button and waiting a few seconds.

Thanks to the turbo button and its 5 different speeds, the grinding level can be controlled to achieve the desired results. If you are looking for crushed ice to make some type of cocktail, use the power button 3, but if your wish is to get a fine cream that is pleasant to the palate, use the power button 5 and press the turbo button at the end. It is the best way to avoid any type of lumps.

Since the power is in the imagination, you can create any recipe you can think of with very few ingredients and in no time. One of the most important elements in this blender is that its base has suction cups, so it will be attached to the table without any problems and you can blend without fear of it tipping over and all its contents falling out.

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