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Leroy Merlin’s best-selling bookcase at a price never seen before: Run and fly!


It’s time to seize the opportunity with this large bookcase from Leroy Merlin that offers loads of organization options. It can be placed in different ways to fit into almost any space in your home.

How many times have you thought that it would be nice to have a shelf at home that you could place in several different ways? Surely on more than one occasion you have thought about buying a shelf but you were not sure that it could cover your storage needs.

The best shelf by Leroy Merlin is now on sale to get hold of it and get rid of those problems you have at home regarding storage. And you can even hang it on the wall! Anything you imagine with the shelf can come true thanks to its great functionality.

Technical characteristics of the SPACEO KUB bookcase by Leroy Merlin

Within the SPACEO KUB category we can find several different sizes of shelves. The size that concerns us today is 10 cubes, the largest of them all, which gives us a huge space to put our books and other objects.

Leroy Merlin's bookshelf is on sale
Leroy Merlin’s bookshelf is on sale

Each of the compartments of this bookcase has a depth of 31 centimeters. The total height of the shelf is 70 centimeters and the width is almost 174 centimeters. So, thanks to this it becomes an ideal piece of furniture to place comics, books and figures. The best is that Leroy Merlin offers us a series of shelves with different numbers of cubes to combine them with this one.

The price on offer

Everyone knows that taking a product on sale is something that always comes in handy for the pocket, although it can also give us a rush of joy. For that very reason, this Leroy Merlin furniture at a reduced price It is the best you will find all day, since it combines utility and reduced price, all in one.

For less than 66 euros you can make an offer with this fantastic shelf and order once and for all everything you have scattered around the house. It is a bargain that we cannot let go. In addition, Leroy Merlin sends it to your house, so you don’t have to worry about anything other than assembling it as soon as it arrives.

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