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Laptop Touchpad Not Working? Here’s the Cause and the Solution!

Gadgetren – Laptop touchpads that don’t work can be caused by many factors. In order to solve the problem immediately, we also need to find the right solution according to the cause.

The touchpad has become one of the most important parts of a laptop. The movement of the cursor from selecting menus to using equipment in a program will basically depend on this one component.

If it doesn’t work properly, we will have a little trouble when operating the laptop. We will find it difficult to select the menu, scroll the screen, to use the drag and drop feature during daily activities.

We can actually be a little calmer if the device used already supports touch screen technology which can be used as a substitute for the touchpad. It’s just that most laptops still don’t have it.

Overcoming the touchpad not working directly so it remains a top priority that needs to be done when the problem comes. Here are some common causes and solutions that you can try to do so.

Laptop Touchpad Causes and Solutions Not Working

Touchpad Function Off

Despite being a very important component, some laptops are equipped with a function to turn off or turn on the touchpad feature. So we can adapt more easily to our needs.

For example, we can turn off the function when we have attached a mouse or have touch screen support. Can also be used so that the cursor does not move even though the touchpad is accidentally touched when typing with the keyboard.

It’s just that keep in mind that the touchpad will not be able to be used when this function is disabled. Therefore, it can be a bit confusing if we turn it off accidentally.

To overcome this, we need to find a special button that functions to turn off and turn on the function on the keyboard. Usually it will be located on one of the F1 to F12 keys with an icon with a touchpad image.

But of course, we generally will not be able to directly use the button to turn off or turn on the touchpad feature. The main function of it will basically follow the corresponding button.

In order to access the function of turning the touchpad off or on, we usually also need to tap Function (Fn) with the key. So for example it is located in F5 then we later need to press Fn + F5.

On the Windows 10 operating system or later, we can now also check the touchpad function on the settings page. We in this case can access Settings > Devices > Touchpad then make sure the button inside is on.

Outdated, Deleted, or Uninstalled Drivers

A laptop touchpad that doesn’t work can also be caused by a driver issue. As we all know, a computer requires drivers to bridge the hardware and operating system.

If the driver is outdated, does not match the operating system update, is deleted, or has not been installed at all, the functions of the related components will not be able to be used. This also applies to the touchpad.

We also need to check the availability of drivers, update or install them to solve this problem. As the easiest step, we can start by downloading the most recent file from the support page of the laptop concerned and then installing it right away.

Conflict With Other Drivers or Programs

Some hardware devices such as mice or drawing pads require additional programs and drivers in order to work. Unfortunately, any of these software can sometimes trigger problems with the laptop’s built-in touchpad function.

In some cases, installing additional drivers or programs can render the laptop’s touchpad completely useless. It’s ostensibly disabled because it conflicts with the functionality they offer.

If the problem with the laptop’s touchpad not working appears after installing a driver or program from certain hardware then we should immediately remove it first. After that, we can contact customer service from the developer company to find an installation solution.

The Hardware Is Broken

Over time, the hardware of a laptop can age so that it cannot be used properly. The touchpad itself is one component that often experiences this quickly.

Therefore, we can immediately take the laptop to a repair shop if the touchpad still doesn’t work after trying some of the previous solutions. This is to determine whether the problem occurs due to hardware damage or not.

Replacing components is certainly necessary if the touchpad is really damaged. As another solution, we can also use additional mice, some of which can be obtained at a more affordable price.

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