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Know What is Indosat IM3 Local Quota Bonus and How to Use It

Gadgetren – Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison operator has a myriad of products that can be selected according to customer needs to communicate to access the internet network via IM3 Ooredoo.

In these products, they interestingly often offer various kinds of additional benefits to tempt customers. Including one of the local quota bonuses that can be used with quite different conditions.

For those of you who don’t know, the local quota bonus is unfortunately only available in a limited way for some Indosat products such as the Freedom Combo. The following is a more complete explanation of this type of bonus data if you are still curious.

What is Local Quota Bonus from Indosat?

As the name implies, Indosat’s local quota bonus is a type of data that can only be used in certain places. We can only take advantage of this additional benefit at the registration location for the related package.

For example, for internet packages purchased in Central Jakarta, the local quota bonus can only be used for that area. If we use internet services outside of that, the data usage will be transferred to the main quota or other.

In addition to the provisions for the location of use, the local quota bonus has provisions that are not much different from the main quota owned by Indosat. Some of us can still use it for a full 24 hours without a time limit unlike the night quota.

We also don’t need to worry because the local quota bonus can also be used throughout Indosat’s cellular network. We can still use it to access the internet network either through 2G, 3G, or 4G connections.

Unfortunately, the local quota bonus will not be included in the Indosat Data Rollover program. So it will be forfeited immediately when it has not been used up until the end of its active period, unlike the main quota which will be accumulated.

How to Use Indosat Local Quota Bonus

As I explained earlier, we can use local quota bonuses like Indosat’s main quota. We don’t even need to make any settings so we can use it to surf the internet.

In order to successfully use it, we just need to pay attention to the location of internet usage. It is important to remember that this quota bonus can only be used locally at the place where we purchased the data package.

However, if you experience problems, such as the usage is in accordance with applicable regulations but cannot be used, then you should contact Indosat’s customer service. We in this case can do it through WhatsApp, IM3 WhichTwitter Indosatcareas well as email [email protected]

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