Know the battery status of your Xiaomi by dialing a secret code


To withstand the intensive use that is given to the phones current smart devices, manufacturers have substantially improved the technology of batteries rechargeable, using better performance compounds such as lithium ions.

However, the fact of being recharged frequently produces a reduction in their useful life. After all, they are made up of electrodes and electrolytes that react chemically, but with less and less effectiveness.

How many recharge cycles can the batteries of a Xiaomi mobile support?

Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries like the ones used by Xiaomi phones, can support up to five hundred full downloads retaining optimal energy on the next charge.

Unfortunately, after that number of recharging cycles, the battery’s power capacity would not be sufficient to take full advantage of all the possibilities of the smartphone, and it must be replaced.

Code to know the battery recharge cycles of your Xiaomi

This information is very easy to get by entering a secret menu on the smartphone. From this menu you can also view the health status of the battery from expressions in English that mean Good or Bad. These are the steps you must follow.

  1. open the app Telephone and mark the following code: *#*#6485#*#*
  2. Once information appears on the phone screen, pay attention to the lines that begin with the expressions MB_06 and MF_02.

MB_06 is the expression that precedes the battery health status (Good means good condition, while a different expression will mean the opposite. On the other hand, the numerical value next to the expression MF_02 will represent the number of load cycles.

How to know if the cell phone battery is in good condition

As we have already noted, if the number of load cycles is greater than 500 will indicate that the battery life is nearing the end and will need to be replaced.

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