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Is this ‘low cost’ fish really harmful to health?


The fish It’s one of the food that are consumed the most around the world today. And it is that depending on where we are, we will have the possibility of trying one or the other. However, in the case of pangasius we will be able to find it in many parts of the world thanks to its internationalization.

But this has not made it persecuted by good fame, and it is that the consumption and sale of pangasius has been full of controversy over the years.

One of the main reasons why the panga began to have a bad reputation is due to the high levels of mercury that it was discovered to have in its composition. And it is that a high percentage of the fish of this type that reaches the European Union It originates from the Mekong River, in Vietnam.

The main problem with this is that this river is considered one of the most polluted on the planet. So the fish that live there have high amounts of mercury and other substances that can harm the health of those who consume them.

But in addition, in the case of the panga, they also denounce that it has a great environmental impact which makes it unprofitable to sell it in Europe.

Is it dangerous to consume pangasius for health?

The pangasius is a fish It feeds on other fish, crustaceans and vegetables. And it is that this fish originating in Asia has managed to gain a foothold in the European market due to its good price and that it does not have skin or bones.

Is pangasius healthy to include in our diet?
Is pangasius healthy to include in our diet?

This is what makes it sell in large quantities, since it can be liked even by those people who do not want to find dangerous bones to swallow when they are enjoying their food.

For this reason, the OCU has wanted to clear up the unknown as to whether the mercury levels that pangasius may contain are dangerous to health.

In this sense, the conclusion was that since it only contained 0.25mg/kg, it was totally safe for consumption. Since the mercury limit so that any type of fish can be marketed in the EU, it is set at 0.5mg/kg.

That yes, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) also advises that this fish is not abused during the week. And it is that this can indeed be dangerous to health, because the amount of accumulated mercury is going to exceed the established safety limits.

The consumption of pangasius should be moderate to be safe for health

According to what the OCU says, the pangasius It can be a safe food for consumption during the week and does not have to pose any problem for the health of our body.

Of course, we must moderate the intake of this fish because mercury can accumulate in our body if we abuse it and it can cause long-term problems.

So if we want to consume this low cost fish safely, it is best that we take into account the weekly amount we consume. As well as observing that our purchase is certified by the EU.

In addition, it is also important that we bear in mind that despite the fact that it is safe for health, we must look for alternatives so as not to eat it so continuously. For example, we can replace pangasius with hake or squid.

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