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Is There Any Way To Open Encrypted WhatsApp Messages?

Gadgetren – When using the WhatsApp service, every conversation we make will generally be protected with end-to-end encryption features so that it can run more securely.

With this encryption feature, the contents of messages ranging from text, images, videos, voice notes, to documents can only be read by the sender and recipient. Other parties including WhatsApp itself can’t even open it.

The encryption feature in the WhatsApp service does not only apply to message content. The protection also includes status updates, voice calls, to video conferencing which are the main support of the service.

In simple terms, the end-to-end encryption feature will secure messages to calls on the WhatsApp service with a special key. In this case only the sender and receiver will have it.

To open an encrypted WhatsApp message, we also need the key. So what if we don’t have it? Is there a way to be able to peek at the text, images, videos, and documents that are in it?

Is There Any Way To Open Encrypted WhatsApp Messages?

Back to the original explanation, the end-to-end encryption feature will ensure that the conversation can only be accessed by the sender and recipient only with a special key. If we don’t have it then we can’t open the contents of the related message.

That is, we cannot arbitrarily open the contents of other people’s messages if we are not the sender or recipient of the related conversation. Even WhatsApp itself guarantees that they can’t do that either.

But if we are the sender or recipient of the message, then we can open its contents easily. We don’t even need to make any settings because unlocking or locking the encryption process will take place automatically behind the scenes so just wait for it to finish.

We can open encrypted messages directly in the WhatsApp application. In this case, I slightly recommend using the official version, not the modified one because it risks carrying malicious code such as malware or spyware.

This encryption feature also applies if we want to open conversations from WhatsApp backup files which are generally stored in crypt9, crypt10, crypt12, crypt13, or crypt14 formats. So we still need a special key to open it.

The WhatsApp encryption key itself is generally stored on every device used. To access it, we have to go into the deepest storage of the device so that it often requires special access such as rooting on an Android device.

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