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Is it possible to take a screenshot of a Samsung cellphone with the 3 finger swipe feature?

Gadgetren – Mobile phones made by Samsung are equipped with a screenshot feature that is very easy to use through the operating system interface called One UI in it.

By using this feature, we can also capture the appearance of the application, web, to the system and then use it as needed. For example, to share settings or details of a game’s character abilities.

In addition to the usual screenshots, Samsung moreover specifically complements its homemade cellphones with the Scroll Capture feature. So we can also take long screen views such as web articles or conversations in chat applications.

Samsung itself provides several ways that can be used to access the screenshot feature on its cellphone so that it can be adjusted to the preferences of each user. Although in this case, each model will bring different options according to its specifications.

Regarding Samsung’s screenshot feature, in recent times many have been looking for ways to use it with the 3-finger swipe gesture which is usually an alternative way to take screenshots on certain cellphones.

But can this method be used on cellphones made by the South Korean company?

Is there a way to take a screenshot on a Samsung phone with 3 fingers?

Basically, screenshots with three-finger gestures are not yet available on Samsung phones. The problem is that the technology company chooses its own method of presenting this feature which is quite different from the others.

Based on the searches I did, we can’t even get this screenshot feature with third-party applications or services. Indeed, there are several methods that are claimed to be used but after I tried the results were still nil, maybe because it depends on the version of OneUI used.

Screenshots with three fingers are indeed commonly used in several cellphone brands such as realme. It’s just that for devices made by Samsung, we have to rely on several methods which are slightly different but no less practical.

For those of you who don’t know, there are at least three ways that can be used. These include taking screenshots with physical buttons, using screen swipe gestures, and taking advantage of additional support called the Assistant Menu.

How to Screenshot Samsung with Physical Keys

  1. Open the page you want to screenshot
  2. Press the button Volume Down and Power simultaneously then release
  3. If successful, a preview of the screenshot image will appear

Despite being the most practical method because it doesn’t require any settings, screenshots with physical buttons can unfortunately make the power and volume button components wear out faster. We therefore need to consider the gesture method to reduce usage if we often need screenshots.

Even so, it doesn’t matter if you only occasionally take screenshots using a key combination because it is made to withstand repeated pressure. But of course there is nothing wrong with trying to make the life of the device components more durable.

How to Screenshot Samsung with Gestures

  1. Open Settings on mobile
  2. Visit page Advanced features
  3. Enter the menu Motions and Gestures
  4. Ensure features Palm swipe to capture light up
  5. Find and open the page you want to immortalize
  6. Use the side of the palm to swipe the screen from right to left or vice versa
  7. Screenshot is successful if the screen flashes or a preview of the result appears

Samsung’s palm swipe to capture feature is unfortunately only available on cellphones with Super AMOLED screens, so for older phones or those who still use the IPS panel, you need to use another method. If you haven’t used that type of panel, you can replace it by using the Assistant menu.

How to Screenshot Samsung with Assistant Menu

  1. Go to page Settings
  2. Open section Accessibility
  3. Tap the menu Interaction and dexterity
  4. Turn on features Assistant menu
  5. After turning on, the Assistant menu button will appear floating on the side of the screen
  6. Visit the page you want to immortalize
  7. Tap the button Assistant menu Flying
  8. Tap option Screenshot

For pages that have more than one screen size such as web articles, conversations in chat applications, or settings pages, we will also find the Scroll capture option after taking screenshots on Samsung phones.

Later the screenshot area will be taken lengthwise as you want. Suitable for taking captures from content such as an article or another. So we can use it as needed.

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