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Is it dangerous to eat eggs every day?


The egg is a widely used ingredient in cooking throughout the world, so it should not come as a surprise that people worry about whether they can add it to their daily diet or if it is a bad idea to eat it all the days. This product of animal origin is usually very cheap and easily accessible, as well as nutritious and tasty. Herein lies its popularity.

Therefore, the benefits of the egg are several, as we have previously commented, but one thing must be taken into account, and that is that everything, in excess, ends up being harmful. We must consider this standard regardless of whether it is a product of animal or vegetable origin. The egg, therefore, is no exception to this rule.

One must not, however, be carried away by any extremist opinion about the possible consequences of eat egg daily and yes, we have to include it in our weekly diet in moderation and taking into account the type of preparation we do to consume it.

Dangers of eating eggs daily

The daily intake of eggs is not recommended at all and experts, according to some studies, ensure that mortality caused by cholesterol and derived from cardiovascular problems is increased by a large number after eating half an egg a day.

Boiling the egg is the healthiest way to eat it
Boiling the egg is the healthiest way to eat it

But the thing does not end there, but we have to add that it can increase the appearance of cancer by 7% as well, so it is essential to stop and think about eating this ingredient in a scattered way during the week. It is not recommended to eat eggs every day despite having very good nutritional characteristics and giving a very great feeling of satiety.

So we can conclude that it does result from a potential danger eat eggs daily and that, in this way, adding them to the diet in a spaced way is the best idea we can have in this regard. In any case, to consume eggs in the healthiest possible ways, we are going to see which preparations offer us the best health conditions.

The healthiest ways to prepare eggs

It is true that the egg has enormous versatility in the culinary field, although not all preparations are especially healthy. Bearing this in mind, if we are to cook an egg the worst and least healthy way is to make it fried. This preparation adds up to 50% more fat, which is totally expendable. The closest thing, if you want to add it to your usual diet, is to grill it with very little oil.

On the other hand, the healthiest way that we can add more often to our diet is to cook it in hot water, which is commonly called a hard-boiled egg or boiled egg. Thanks to this preparation, it is not necessary to add any type of fat, so that the calories and nutrients are perfectly preserved and the flavor is not altered at all.

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