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Indosat IM3 Booster Package Price To Restore Internet Speed

Gadgetren – Extra Booster Packages can be an alternative if we are running out of internet quota on the Indosat Hutchison Ooredoo (IOH) network, especially for those of us who use IM3 Ooredoo cards.

As we all know, IM3 has several packages that offer Pulsa Safe to protect users when they run out of quota. These include Freedom Internet, Freedom U, Freedom Combo, and Yellow.

Pulsa Safe is a security feature so that the user’s credit is not immediately depleted when the quota (both main and application) of the purchased internet package has run out. This support will be a bridge before online access is completely stopped.

As long as we are in Pulsa Safe, we can still surf the internet. It’s just that there will be a fair usage limit or FUP (Fair Usage Policy) and speed adjustments where in this case each package has different conditions.

In addition to buying the main data package again, we can also withdraw the speed of internet access by activating the Extra Booster. Here are some product options to consider.

IM3 Ooredoo Extra Booster Package

Extra 5GB + 1GB Booster

  • Extra main quota 1GB
  • Quota malam 4GB
  • Speed booster 1GB
  • Rp10.000

Extra 10GB + 3GB Booster

  • Extra main quota 3GB
  • 7GB nightly quota
  • Speed booster 3GB
  • Rp25,000

Extra 15GB + 5GB Booster

  • Extra main quota 5GB
  • 10GB night quota
  • Speed booster 5GB
  • Rp40.000

Extra Booster is a special package that will provide additional main quota, night quota, or speed booster. The three choices of products can be purchased by both Prepaid and Postpaid IM3 customers.

The three product choices from Extra Booster do not have their own terms of validity. When activated, it will immediately follow the active period of the main package that was previously owned.

Indosat also does not apply an automatic renewal system for Extra Booster products. After the quota or validity period expires, we need to manually reactivate it if we want to use it again.

How to Activate IM3 Ooredoo Extra Booster Package

  • Install the MyIM3 app from Google Play Store or Apple Apps Store if you don’t have
  • Open the app
  • Sign in with your IM3 number
  • Open the menu Buy it
  • Enter the tab Extra Kuota
  • Choose the package you want
  • Review the package details, then click the button Continue
  • Choose the payment method you want to use
  • Click button Pay Now

Indosat will send a notification if the Extra Booster package is successfully activated. We can immediately use it to enjoy the network at a speed that has returned to normal.

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