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Ikea lowers the price of its most demanded accessory for the kitchen: beautiful and practical


One of the best solutions for major transport and storage problems in the kitchen can be solved with this Ikea rolling shelf. On top of that, you can now purchase this rolling versatility for a reduced price.

As many of us already know, Ikea has within its catalog many different options that can complement each other, making the house not only more decorated, but also much more accessible to everyone. This small shelf is a clear example that utility and design can go hand in hand.

In this way, in order to know if this accessory fits or not what you are looking for, we are going to see the characteristics it has and the measurements.

This is the Ikea NISSAFORS cart that you need to have

Before going on to see what are the utilities that we can give to this little piece of furniture from Ikea, it is ideal that we know all its characteristics. Knowing the measurements we can know if buying it or not is an option for us.

The versatile Ikea accessory can be bought in three colors
The versatile Ikea accessory can be bought in three colors
  • Weight/level: 11kg
  • length: 50.5cm
  • Width: 30cm
  • Height: 83cm
  • Maximum weight: 33kg

As can be seen, the size is quite small, but we cannot be fooled: it hides a great utility among its shelves, and that is that it can be used in various places in the house, as well as being perfectly combined with the occasional accessory. organizer of Ikea.

Where is the best place to put this shelf?

As we have commented a little above, the versatility of this shelf lies in its small size. By not taking up too much space, we can place it in almost any corner of the house where we need extra support. There are no longer any excuses to have any room organized. Best of all, this mini wheeled bookshelf from Ikea You can find it in up to three different colors so you can choose the one that best matches the room where you are going to place it.

Taking into account all of the above, it is also good to note that this accessory of Ikea It has three shelves to place all kinds of objects. For this same reason, it can be concluded that the bathroom is an ideal place to place it, since you can put jars and towels to keep everything in order.

Therefore, no one can deny the usefulness of this great product from the Swedish store with a reduced price of only 24 euros regardless of the color you choose.

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