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Ikea lowers the price of its best-selling donkey, now you can get it for less than 10 euros!


The Ikea home furnishings chain has a policy of lowering the prices of some of its products after they have been on the market for a while. On this occasion, the beneficiary of the discount is one of the best-selling donkeys in its history, the MULIG donkey.

So now you have to pay less than 10 euros to get take home one of the flagship products of the Swedish chain. As is well known, Ikea offers a product with a minimalist design that perfectly meets everything that is expected of it.

Likewise, it should be noted that we are not facing an eventual offer, but quite the opposite. This Ikea donkey will keep the price of less than 10 euros forever, so it is a permanent reduction in the price of one of the best-selling products in its catalog. Not bad to be able to order our clothes without needing a lot of space or buying a complete piece of furniture.

This is Ikea’s best-selling donkey

The most striking of this Ikea MULIG donkey It is not its price, as much as it may seem. What most attracts attention is the ease of assembly when it comes to including it in our home furniture. In a very short time we will get the structure assembled, and it is that there are few that it includes and all of them, thanks to the instructions, are very easy to fit together.

Ikea's discounted donkey
Ikea’s discounted donkey

On the other hand, the measurements of this donkey are:

  • Wide: 99cm
  • Bottom: 46cm
  • Height: 152cm

Despite offering a large space to place hangers, this Ikea donkey is not too large to occupy the entire wall of the room. Therefore, it is a perfect way to optimize the space of all the rooms in the house.

One donkey, many possibilities

As we have previously mentioned, this donkey has the virtue of optimizing a space that would not be occupied normally. Its length offers the possibility of placing numerous hangers. But not only are we facing the opportunity to do that, but it can be combined with other objects of Ikea to make the function even more versatile.

In this sense, any storage accessory that Ikea has for sale can come perfectly for this occasion. The SKUBB, for example, is ideal for this, as it adds 6 new compartments where you can place everything from socks to scarves of all sizes.

Finally, it should be noted that the maximum weight that this donkey can withstand is 20 kilogramsmore than enough limit to be able to place all kinds of coats, shirts, dresses or any other item of clothing that we want to have organized.

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