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ideal fruit to lower triglycerides


The lucuma It is a fruit that is considered as a superfood in various areas of the world for its large Benefits for the Healthsuch as its power to reduce triglycerides. Originally from Peru, this fruit is part of the Sapotaceae family and in Peruvian cuisine it is used to sweeten ice cream, desserts and sweets, in general.

In addition, it can also be taken directly in a natural way, some of its best properties being vitamin B3, which contributes to a proper functioning of the central nervous system and prevents the appearance of disorders of the nervous and mental system.

Indeed, several studies have confirmed that the lucuma It is a food that could have direct effects on various parts of the brain, especially to slow down diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

For its part, it is convenient to know that triglycerides are that type of fat that is in the blood and that at its correct levels helps to generate energy for the body. To keep these levels healthy, eating and having a balanced diet is the only way to get these levels under control.

For this reason, this superfood can help us balance our diet so that these levels do not rise above the appropriate parameters.

Benefits of lucuma in triglycerides

In this sense, vitamin B3 is a micronutrient that helps reduce triglyceride and cholesterol levels in the blood. In this way, lucuma is a perfect superfood to prevent cardiovascular and coronary diseases.

On the other hand, lucuma is rich in vitamin A, one of the most important micronutrients for eye and skin health. In fact, this vitamin is what gives it its characteristic orange color on the inside.

lucuma superfood

This superfood is considered a natural energizer due to its niacin content. Therefore, vitamin B3 reduces the feeling of exhaustion and fatigue.

It is also rich in iron, a vital element for health and decrease the chances of anemia. Finally, it also stands out as a home remedy to balance glucose levels, constituting a recommended superfood for people with diabetes.

Other benefits of lucuma

In general, lucuma has great beneficial aspects for health, but its ability to stimulate the nervous system, reduce fatigue and prevent cardiovascular diseases should also be highlighted.

Researchers from the Bernardo O’Higgins University (Chile), Soledad Vidaurre, Lisbell Estrada and Daniela Millán, discovered the properties of this fruit, making discoveries about Alzheimer’s research.

According to these researchers, lucuma is a food that could have direct effects on different areas of the brain and more benefits than expected in a fatal disease such as Alzheimer’s.

However, to guarantee the effectiveness of this fruit with respect to different diseases, further research is necessary. However, this food can already be considered a superfood considering the scientifically proven benefits of lucuma.

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