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How to Wipe Xiaomi Second Space If Not Used

Gadgetren – Xiaomi company develops MIUI system interface with a variety of additional features and support that can maximize the use of a mobile phone.

One of them, they embed Second Space or Second Space. This feature allows us to create a separate room for installing applications and storing files from the main system on the device.

By using this feature, for example, we can separate applications and files for work from personal use or vice versa. So it’s as if we’re going to have two devices in use.

But unfortunately, Xiaomi’s Second Space will also take up device storage. If you don’t use it, it’s a good idea to delete the room profile that was created so that the memory capacity can be relieved again.

Whatever the reason may be, deleting Xiaomi’s Second Space is fortunately quite easy to do. You can listen to how to do it in the following review if you don’t know.

How to Wipe Xiaomi Second Space

  • Go to page Settings.
  • Enter section Special features.
  • Tap the menu Second space or Second Space.
  • Then to delete tap the button Delete (trash can icon) or Delete Second Space.
  • Select the button Delete again if the confirmation window appears.
  • Enter your Mi key or account if prompted.

To remove Second Space, some of us may need Mi account. If you forget your username or password, you also need to recover it before doing that.

In addition, keep in mind that various kinds of data stored in the Second Space will also be deleted and cannot be recovered. That’s why we need to back up photos, videos, documents, or applications first if it turns out that there are still a lot of things that are needed.

The interface appearance of each MIUI version can be quite different. Therefore, how to remove Xiaomi’s Second Space may require some adjustments on some device models used.

The Second Room is indeed one of the features that is quite interesting. We can also create a new profile again via the Second Space settings page after deleting it if we want to separate applications or data again.

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