How to watch YouTube on Android Auto


What is Android Auto?

Android Auto is a function of Android-based smartphones that allows them to be connected to the entertainment systems of modern vehicles so that the driver can control through said systems the applications of his mobile device related to road navigation, music or communication. All this without having to resort to the phone.

To do this, all you have to do is install the application of the same name on your phone and establish the connection with the car screen via USB cable or Bluetooth. The Android Auto app is compatible with Android 5.0 onwards and can be downloaded for free from Google Play Storealthough devices equipped with Android 10 or higher already incorporate it as standard.

Android Auto Compatible Apps

Once this is done, it is possible to view and use the different applications compatible with Android Auto from the entertainment screen: WazeSpotify, TuneInRadioDeezer, Google Mapsamong others, the control of which is in no way detrimental to the safe driving of a vehicle.

Trick to use YouTube on the car screen

This is not the case for Youtube and with good reason, because diverting attention from the road to watch a video can well be considered reckless at the wheel. However, there is a trick to be able to use YouTube in vehicle entertainment systems that support Android Auto and thus allow the rest of the occupants to spend a moment of distraction.

The trick is made up of several steps. The first ones ensure the activation of the developer mode of the Android Auto mobile application, while the rest of the steps allow you to discover one of its secret functions.

Access developer mode in Android Auto

Open the application of Android Auto on your Android phone.

Click on the menu icon and select setting. Then scroll down the screen to the section Version or (software version). Press 10 times in a row on this section until the notice appears indicating that developer mode has been enabled.

Now, click on the menu icon in this same configuration section and select Developer Settings (or Scheduler Settings). Click on Application mode and select developer.

Now, go back to the previous menu and select Customize app menu. Then check that car applications it’s activated.

Connect Android phone to car display

To finish, connect your Android phone to the vehicle’s screen. When the Android Auto interface opens, select the option car applications.

In the new menu that opens, select UX Prototype. This will open the YouTube interface on Android TV, ready to do voice searches and browse through its extensive catalog.

NoteNote: We do not recommend using YouTube on the car display while the car is in motion.

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