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How to view history on Twitter to find out the history of tweets or activity

Gadgetren – As a social network that has been born since 2006Twitter still has loyal and loyal users who continue to upload to share moments.

Some of you might want to see the history of old tweets that have been made on the Twitter timeline since creating an account for the first time.

Of course, these tweets and activities can be historical witnesses regarding the role of Twitter as a part of your life to this day.

But you can’t immediately see the Twitter History with the History keyword, but you have to go deeper into the Settings menu on Twitter to be able to see it.

How to View Twitter History

Via Application

  • Open Twitter application on cellphone
  • Log in to your Twitter account
  • On the main page of the application, enter the menu Account profile photo icon at the top left
  • Select the menu Settings and privacy that appears after tapping Settings & Support
  • On the page Settingsselect the menu Your account
  • Select Download an archive of your data
    History Twitter - Data Archive - App
  • Enter your Twitter account password to verify and get the security code
  • Enter code security which has been sent to the email registered to the Twitter account
  • When code Correctthen Twitter will process the download of the data archive

Through the Web

  • Access Twitter site via browser
  • Login account Twitter
  • On the site’s main page, select the button More icon with three dots on the left
  • On the pop-up menu that appears, choose an option Settings and privacy in the Settings and Support
  • Select Your account in the Settings section
  • Select Download an a archive of your data in the Your account section
    History Twitter - Data Archive - Web
  • You are asked to enter password account Twitter for request verification
  • After getting code security in the email, then enter the code into the column provided
  • If code succeedthen Twitter will download the Twitter account data archive

It should be noted that the data archive download process will take 1×24 hours. Later you will also get an email stating that the archive is ready to be downloaded and retrieved. In this archive data, you can see tweets and various history that you have done while using Twitter from the first time you registered your account until now.

Through the Twitter Search Column

  • Open site or Twitter application
  • Account login Twitter
  • On the main page, type the keyword from:username since:year-month-day until:year-month-day. For example from:gadgetren since:2016-05-12 until:2022-06-12History Twitter - Search
  • Next, Twitter will display various tweets that your account has made during that time

If you remember the time span of the tweet you want to look back at, then you can just use the keywords in the Twitter Search column. That way you don’t have to wait for the data archiving process which will be faster.

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