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How to View Google History Make a history check of activities that have been carried out

Gadgetren – It is undeniable that most of the activities that we do using Google services will indeed be stored as history data in the related account.

These activities include keyword searches, website visits, and video views. This all applies if we use Google Search, Chrome, Maps, Assistant, to YouTube.

The Google company itself claims that the storage of these various activities is carried out so that the experience when using its services can run more quickly and usefully.

We, for example, can be faster when we need to do searches with the same keywords as before. Besides that, we can also more easily find web pages that have been visited.

Fortunately, history data and Google activity are quite easy to manage. In this case, we can even use both cellphones and computers when we need to see various things that have been recorded.

How to View Google History on Mobile

  • Open the Google, YouTube, Play Store or Gmail app.
  • Tap avatar photo in the top right corner.
  • Select the menu Manage your Google Account.
  • Open tabs Data & privacy.
  • Search section History settings.
  • Tap My Activity.
  • Scroll down to see all activity and history stored in your Google account.
    How to View Google History

If needed, we can also use the menu Filter by date & product to filter activity and history data based on the time span or Google products used. So later it will be easier to find what you want.

Apart from using their applications, we can also view activity and history stored on Google via web pages. The method will be more or less similar to doing it through a browser on a computer, as in the following review.

How to View Google History on a Computer

  • Open a browser (eg Google Chrome).
  • Visit page
  • Tap Sign in Then sign in with the Google account you want to check.
  • Don’t forget to verify according to the instructions that appear.
  • Activity and history data can be seen by scrolling through the My Google Activity page.
  • Use Filter by date & product if needed.

On the My Google Activity page, we can not only see various kinds of activities or history stored. We can also manage it further such as turning off the data recording option or deleting the history.

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