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How to View Data Usage on OPPO HP So that the Quota is More Regular

Gadgetren – Almost the same as other Android-based mobile phones, mobile phones OPPO has also been equipped with a built-in feature called Data Usage which can view internet data usage.

With the presence of these features, you can easily monitor any application that sucks up a lot of internet data. In addition, Data Usage can also show a graph of internet data used every day and month.

If your data package uses a quota system, of course the Data Usage feature will be very useful because it can monitor daily internet data usage so that it can be set so that it doesn’t break before the active period ends.

How to View Data Usage on OPPO Mobile

Through the Data usage feature

  • App access Settings on OPPO phone
  • Select the menu Mobile network
  • You can see the amount of internet quota used by the application along with the graphOPPO - Data Usage

For the record, the Data usage option will be active if you use internet access from a SIM card. That way when you use the internet from a WiFi network, it will not display internet data usage at all.

Interestingly on the Data usage page, you can choose which applications are not allowed to access WiFi or mobile data from OPPO phones. There is also a Data saving feature that will prohibit the application from using internet access when it is running in the background.

Not only that, you can also adjust the amount of internet data capacity that can be used every day or month to be more organized and not wasteful quickly.

But as an alternative, you can also install the My Data Manager application from the Google Play Store. With this application, you can also see which applications use internet access, internet data usage from cellular data, WiFi networks, or when roaming occurs.

Via the My Data Manager app

  • download My Data Manager from Google Play Store
  • Once installed, open application
  • Follow the steps requested by application
  • On the main page application, you will see three tabs for the use of data in the form of Mobile, Wi-Fi, and Roaming
    OPPO - Data Manager

You could say one of the interesting features of the My Data Manager application allows you to find out how much internet data is used by OPPO phones when connected to a WiFi network.

With the My Data Manager application, you can also create an alarm when the internet quota used has reached the specified limit. So it will be useful when you want to strictly regulate internet data users.

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