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How to View Connected WiFi Passwords on Android and iPhone Phones

Gadgetren – Sharing a WiFi connection is now easier than ever. Cellphones nowadays are equipped with special features that can be used to share passwords practically.

On Android-based cellphones, for example, we can share a WiFi connection with a QR code.

This special feature is already available on several popular brands such as Samsung and Xiaomi through their latest system interface. Although it can’t be seen directly, the QR code actually contains the SSID name and password of the WiFi that will be shared.

So later the cellphone can connect to the related network automatically after we have successfully scanned it. We can also use the QR code to see the WiFi password that has been connected to a cellphone.

That way, we can later continue to share the network to devices that don’t have a scanner or camera feature that has problems. Those of you who don’t know how to see a connected WiFi password on a cellphone can follow the steps below, including sharing a QR code.

How to View Connected WiFi Passwords

For Android

  • Go to page Settings
  • Find and open settings for Wi-Fi
  • Tap the WiFi name you want to share
  • Click the menu Tap to Share or QR Code
  • After the QR code appears, use the screenshot feature
    How to View Connected WiFi Passwords on Mobile - 1
  • Install the Google Lens app from Google Play Store
  • Open the app
  • If in camera mode, select photo from gallery
  • Select the screenshot image of the QR code from WiFi that you want to share
  • Wait for the application to display the WiFi name and password
    How to View Connected WiFi Passwords on Mobile - 2

The naming and appearance of the settings page of each device can of course be different depending on the system interface used. So we’ll still have to adjust some of the steps above if needed.

Interestingly enough, several mobile phone brands provide a QR code sharing feature with support for viewing WiFi passwords. For example, we can use Nearby Share to do this. So we no longer need to install additional applications such as Google Lens.

The WiFi connection sharing feature is not only available on Android-based phones. We can also find it on iPhone devices which through iOS 16 support is even improved so that we can immediately see the passwords in it.

For iPhone iOS

  • Open Settings
  • Enter the menu Wi-Fi
  • Find the network you want to share
  • Tap the button Info from the network
  • Tap section hidden password
  • Verify with Face ID or Touch ID

This method of viewing connected WiFi passwords on iPhone only applies to devices with iOS 16 system. If you’re still using a version below, you won’t find a feature to do it.

It’s just that in addition to using the method above, we fortunately can directly share WiFi by approaching the two iPhone devices that save each other’s Apple ID email addresses. Later we just need to connect both of them to the same network until the option appears Share Password.

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