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How to View and Edit Saved TikTok Video Drafts

Gadgetren – In the short video platform TikTok, we can make many videos with long and short durations.

Videos that have been made can also be saved in the application in the form of drafts or designs for you to view or edit before uploading.

Video drafts are also useful for storing more video material if at a different time you want to upload a video but don’t have time to make it.

With so many video drafts stored, you no longer have to worry about videos that you can edit freely, from embedding songs, inserting effects and filters, creating text, titles, and more.

If you have collected a lot of video drafts on your TikTok account and want to see them at any time, you can easily find them on your profile page. The Gadgetren team will also explain the steps to do it.

How to View and Edit Draft TikTok Videos

After knowing how to view and edit draft videos on your TikTok account, you can do that easily.

Every video that is made but you don’t want to upload yet, it will be saved in draft form. If in the future you are not satisfied with the video draft that has been made, then you can delete it as you like.

Deletion of video drafts can also be done through your TikTok profile page by selecting a collection of video drafts that have been created. Then you just select the delete option on the desired video. You can also delete a large number of video drafts at one time.

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